Why You Should File a Lawsuit If You Were in a Car Accident.

Getting involved in a car accident is something that no one hopes ever happens to them. The unfortunate reality of the situation however is that 99% of people are involved in a car accident at some point in their life.

While most of these are minor accidents where there are no serious injuries, you might not find yourself so lucky. Regardless of the severity of the accident, you might find yourself able to file a lawsuit and collect some money. There are a few things to note and be aware of though if you plan on doing this. Here is why you should file a lawsuit if you were in a car accident.

The Other Driver Was At Fault

The first and most obvious reason to consider filing a lawsuit over a car accident is because the other driver was at fault. There are some accidents that happen on the road that are no one’s fault, but if there is clear-cut evidence that your opponent is at fault, you can definitely file for a lawsuit.

When should you go about doing this? As per an article at https://kerleyschaffer.com/file-lawsuit-after-car-accident, you often have a time period of two years to file your lawsuit after an accident. That being said, it is highly recommended that you file one as soon as possible, while the evidence is still fresh in your mind and the paperwork is easy to collect.

How can you go about determining if your opponent was at fault for the accident? If you have evidence that your opponent was texting while driving, you will easily be able to win any lawsuit as they are committing an illegal act while driving. Another easy case to win is if someone drives into the back of your car. A large percentage of the time, those who rear-end another car are at fault.

There are some exceptions due to scams, but the court realizes that if you were hit from behind, it is most likely due to negligence on behalf of the other driver. If you are able to prove that they were at fault for the accident, you should definitely consider filing a lawsuit.

Your Case is Worth More Than What is Being Offered

Assuming you are taking the case to insurance, they will be able to offer you money for everything that has happened. Sometimes the money that they are offering however is not enough and your case is worth much more money.

If that is the case, you should definitely file a lawsuit as you can get a lot of extra money. You should contact your attorney immediately and tell them what is happening so that they can build a case right away. Here are some areas where insurance could take away some of the money that you deserve.





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