Useful Tips for Starting a Shopify Store.

We live in an age of electronic commerce whether you like it or not. More people are doing business online more than ever especially since the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the most popular e-commerce platforms is Shopify. There are millions of people with stores on Shopify selling everything from clothes to robotics.

The platform handles many of the needs that e-commerce entrepreneurs have making it very easy to run the store. However, running an e-commerce store on Shopify still requires tremendous skill and knowledge.

The following are some tips to help out beginners just starting a Shopify store:

Mobile Design

Shopify has a fantastic website design tool. It is easy to use by simply dragging and dropping various elements.

Unfortunately, many new Shopify store owners forget that the platform has a mobile site design tool alongside the website design tool. The vast majority of users will not continue using your website if they are unable to use the mobile version.

Shopify’s platform will do much to make your site highly accessible on mobile. However, you should double check and do more to ensure that it performs well on every type of device.

Web Hosting

When you create a site your choice of web hosting will be crucial to the functioning of the site. It is especially so with a Shopify e-commerce store.

You should use and stick to Shopify web hosting for the best results. The platform has a considerable content distribution network (CDN) with thousands of servers all over the world.

The hosting service you choose will particularly have an effect on the load speed of your website. Most users will abandon a site with a page load time of more than five seconds.

Shopify Agency

Only you can know exactly what your Shopify needs so it is sensible to be the one to design your store. However, a little help will go a long way when creating a Shopify store.

There are many places you can reach out for help with your Shopify store. One of them is an agency made by Shopify developers. They will give you priceless advice that will help you when starting your store.

You will need help particularly with the technical aspects of using Shopify’s platform’s features. The more you know, the more you will be able to take advantage of the platform.

Domain Name

You will still need a domain name for your Shopify store. A grave mistake that most people make when starting their Shopify store is to choose a free domain name.

Shopify will give you a free domain name but you should change it immediately as it is worthless. Moreover, it will not help you build your brand.





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