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Bringing down the Male-dominated Walls

We cannot ignore the fact that the male-dominated industry still exists in the majority of

leadership roles. And, women are often ignored and taken less seriously in the workplace. Today

to be an efficient leader, women need to stay in contact with industry experts and be updated

with the ongoing technological needs. Due to the versatile needs of the industry, it is crucial to

take time in adapting to these changes to change the above-mentioned situation.

Women hold the power to drive change in the world. They always feel the intend to bring

positivity and impact the business for good. Keeping an environment of supportive people helps

women in business to overcome this challenge. Having a healthy and a team of believers is also

very important, it helps the leaders to be confident in their decisions and working. Breaking the

pattern by spending time with family and friends makes the leaders more creative and energetic.

Technology is the future and has already become a part of our lives. As a leader woman should

never miss this opportunity of entering the field of innovation.

Women have their own ways of leading the team, they tend to be more responsible and always

lead with empathy. Soon, in the industry, all the versatile roles will be represented by women.

So, it becomes necessary to be ready and keep the desire to lead all the sectors of the industry.

Women in business are always ready for opportunities and challenges coming their way. They

are aware that their role in society and the business is for a higher purpose. With their leadership

and experience, they can guide other women and the team to build their careers.

Today, women are role-models for other women leaders in business and other sectors. There are

so many success stories around the world of women successful in leading and making their mark

in the world. Expanding the knowledge and keeping an ever-learning mindset will help one to

grow in the business. These businesswomen are trying their best to bring change in the world. On

other hand, we as a society should support diversion-inclusion and should not be gender biased

in the workforce. It is only if we as a male-dominated workforce keep a bigger aspect and have

wider thinking of promoting the women in all the strata of the field that will bring the change at a

greater aspect.

Driving these business outcomes globally Insights Success features such passionate

businesswomen, in its upcoming edition of Top 20 Businesswoman Leading the Charge of

Successful Business in 2021. Featuring this edition is the Cover Story of Rhonda Vetere — a

passionate leader who believes in giving back in and out of the office. She is the Executive Vice

President and Chief Information Officer of Herbalife Nutrition. Rhonda is a 2x author and is

an avid sports fan. Her latest book is titled Grit & Grind where one can learn about her

leadership style.

Lastly, while flipping through the pages make sure to read the CXO standpoints by the industry

experts and the creative articles written by our in-house editorials.

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