The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business, 2020

Women Entrepreneurs Transforming the Industry

We are living in an era of fast and drastic changes in technology, the volatility of the market, and talent development. This influences the role of an entrepreneur, man, or woman. However, the tech world is still male dominated with only five percent of tech start-ups owned by women.

Men admire women who flourish in their environment. But there are also men who fear women who do the same job, although those voices seem louder, they are often in the minority. Women in male-dominated environments can and do show their peers what they are capable of.

Leadership, honesty, professionalism, and vision are vital traits that every businesswoman should possess. A businesswoman must have a strong perception to set the direction, anticipate, and navigate challenges. She needs to ’Think out of the box’, adapt, and change to keep the business successful. She must not be afraid of taking risks in order to anticipate trends and steer the organization through turbulent waters. Last, but not the least, she must be able to build a company that is also brisk.

The ability to achieve results and work with all sorts of people is of supreme importance. Women in business need to transform themselves even more in order to maximize recognition and opportunities for being promoted. Hard work, flexibility, and creativity to find solutions in resilient or complicated times are also important traits.

Lastly, we need organizations that enable women to gain these skills and competencies required to earn an equal return for their skill, talent, and work efforts. Whether they are drivers, technicians, safety managers, CEOs, or directors, we must offer information and resources to help them identify and overcome diversity challenges.

One such brave soul and an impeccable businesswoman is Precious Mayes, an avid and decisive healthcare leader who impeccably contributed to the evolution in this sector. She is President, and CEO of Pacifica Hospital of the Valley and her unique ideology and methods have helped her to meet countless personal milestones as well as her company’s pathway. Hence, Insights Success emphasizes her journey with its exciting edition TheMost Admired Women Leaders in Business.

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