The 2020's
Most Successful
Business Women To Watch

To lead a fulfilling life, we need to stay healthy. Only then can we enjoy the rains and the sunshine that life has to offer. To stay healthy, apart from a healthy lifestyle, we do need an occasional administration of medicines or drugs that help us ward off or recuperate from sickness. Developing these drugs to effectively help us stay fit is an ardent and very critical task. A medicine, to be effective, needs to have a precise composition of its elements so that it produces the desired effect and causes no harm or side effects.

The 2020’s Most Successful Business Women To Watch

Cara Scharf: Building Spectacular Marketing Campaigns

Digital Media has opened up avenues for marketing today, like never before. For any company, the prospective clients are just a click away. To compel digital media users to choose or click for one’s services, a company needs media campaigns which are attention-grabbing and unmissable.

Dr. Celeste Fralick: Pursuing her Passion for Data with Perseverance

Long before Data became the gold that it is today, there were people who were trying to mine it, process it and transform it into comprehensible content. It is their intense focus that the omnipresent data today is being utilized to develop solutions in almost every industry.

Jeanne Groenewald: Working With Nature for a Healthy Lifestyle

A 2007 survey by Smith and Wiseman found that 59 per cent people, of those surveyed, in sub-Saharan Africa(SSA) were suffering from severe energy deficiency. Children under the age of five showed signs of stunting, wasting and slow mental development in rural areas of SSA. Pregnant and lactating women were found vulnerable towards diseases arising due to inadequate dietary energy and protein.

Julia Hunter: Voyaging the New Horizons of Space-based Research and Travel

The endless space has always enticed us humans, with endless possibilities and opportunities. The mere thought that there might be people like us or different from us sharing this universe, is enough to get one excited to explore. With the kind of development we have been making in science and technology, it doesn’t sound a distant dream that one will be able to plan a vacation to Moon or Mars.

Lauren Boyer: A Value Driven Entrepreneur Boosting Companies’ Digital Growth

The term entrepreneurship isn’t merely what its literal definition explains. It is as volatile and unpredictable as the world of business. To comprehend and assimilate what the modern day entrepreneurs’ job description includes, we have to know, and sometimes even live, their stories.

Marina Tognetti: An Inspired Entrepreneur Driven by Innovation

If you look closely, you’ll find many similarities between athletes of extreme sports and entrepreneurs. They both are passionate about what they love i. e. sports and a business idea respectively. They both take risks (calculated), go beyond what others are willing to do, and have the drive to be the best one can ever be.

Mina Jeong: Helping Businesses Reach the Right Customers

Mina Jeong, the Managing Director of M&K PR, founded the company in 2002. M&K PR is a full-fledged marketing platform company. Herein, traditional PR communication expertise at the core, advertising (ATL), customer promotions (BTL) and digital capabilities were brought together to create the very best client solution at a one-stop-shop.



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