The 10 Successful Magnetic Leaders Revamping The Healthcare.

The outbreak and the effect of Covid-19 took everyone by surprise. This is a unique challenge. We have to adapt to the “new normal” of working remotely in our daily operations. It has forced us to prioritize health and to focus on critical matters in both business and life. The pandemic has its challenges and opportunities. Although it has a lot of thought to it.

We have to see things from a positive angle and find new opportunities in the current situation. Leaders are involved in online leadership and scientific courses to refresh the knowledge on the situation and connect with other executives. Leadership styles have become contextual. A great leader is someone who can recognize the awareness of such a situation by interaction and adjust to the actual reality. It is although empathy, fairness, positivity, and leading by example that will build credibility and engage people.

Leadership is not for everyone. If leaders decide to embark on one such entrepreneurial venture, they should not expect things to go according to the initial plan. They will always face disbelievers. All you have to do is, trust your gut feeling and channelize criticism as a motivation & driving force, and celebrate every little win. A leader is defined as a risk-taker. The Leader will know when it is time to abort or cash-in, any business model. Every leader should be able to listen, respect all points of view, make decisions for all, and not be afraid to make those decisions. Just believe in what you do! Stay motivated, persistent, and never give up. Ultimately, it is important to remember that not trying is worse than failing!

The world of healthcare has changed exceptionally over the last few months. Today, paramedical and pharmaceutical leaders have become the focus of healthcare where the aim is patient-centric. With an intent to acknowledge and admire these passionate leaders in healthcare, CIO Look has enlisted “The 10 Most Successful Magnetic Leaders Revamping the Healthcare 2020” — Jenny Lin is one such healthcare leader, COO & Board Member at CMIC, Inc. She holds 26 years of executive/lab management experience in bioanalytical and analytical laboratory operations in support of drug discovery, pre-clinical, and clinical drug development. Moreover, she is proficient in GLP, GMP, GCP, OECD, ICH, and 21 CFR part 11 regulations and business strategic planning & execution.

Let’s unveil more alike and motivating stories of such healthcare leaders in this special edition and spread the word about their contribution in making this world a better place. These leaders with their healthcare-educational skills, business competencies, and technical know-how, are taking healthcare to the next level.

Finally, while flipping the pages, don’t forget to go through the articles and CXOs written by our in-house editorial team and industry experts respectively.

Let’s begin…!



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