The 10 Most Empowering Women in Mortgage Industry, 2021

A Perfect Way to Find Your Home: Mortgage

It is well said that ‘there is no place like home.’ We all know that homely feeling, and it was what we tend to come back to at the end of the day. For many, owning a home is still a dream that longs. However, it is possible to get one step closer to that dream through a mortgage without contemplating. For decades, mortgages have helped millions of people to achieve their dream of owning a house.

Over the years, the mortgage industry has transformed itself and has continued to lend its reliable services to its clients straightforwardly. Industry leaders, especially women, are now implementing a fully integrated and seamless digital approach to mortgage lending that simplifies the borrowing experience and streamlines the process for employees in the community and credit unions. Women leaders go above and beyond to deliver personalized, continuous, and proactive support and services to the clients designed to drive your organization’s success rate. This drive has also encouraged aspiring women and young professionals to step into the mortgage industry to bring a fresh perspective into the mix.

Therefore, Insights Success recognizes these disruptive changes and has handpicked those encouraging leaders who created their own successful sagas with dedicated endeavors, grit, and determination in this edition of “The10 Most Empowering Women in Mortgage Industry, 2021.”

Featured on the cover of this edition is Leanne Myles. Lean has been disrupting the mortgage industry landscape as the Senior Mortgage Advisor at Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team. She has also founded the More than Mortgage Brokers Society as a way for all brokers to work together towards a common fundraising goal.

Dive into more alike and inspiring stories of such inspiring leaders and spread the word about their contribution to make this world a better place.

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