The 10 Most Empowering Women in Business

Empowered Women Makes the World a Better Place

The great businesswomen understand that they don’t have to be like men to achieve gender equality. They understand that all they have to do is embrace their own femininity, grace, talents, skills and inner abilities and they will be able to do the greatest contribution to the world. Courage is grace under pressure. With their natural grace women can confront any pressure and can crossover any challenges that may come. It is important for women to be bold and courageous to lead in the business world with a cut-throat competition. Today many women are leading the businesses to great heights and are crossing challenges by being bold.

There is an ever-growing necessity for businesses to include women’s empowerment into corporate business strategies, to ensuring sustainable growth and to demonstrate the value and credibility that women leadership bring to the businesses. Women’s empowerment is essential to create a stable, inclusive, and sustainable society.

Empowering women and girls and investing in them is essential as these empowered women make world a better place. The role of women is so significant ant it is because of that United Nations Sustainable Development Goals include gender-specific actions and statistics and also a separate goal dedicated to achieving gender equality. The contribution of empowered women to the GDP of nations are important for the development of nations. The empowered women creates better families, better societies, better communities, better nations and eventually the better world. Neglecting the potential and capabilities of women is detrimental for the welfare of the nations and ultimately detrimental for the welfare of the world.

The fifth sustainable development goal among the seventeen most important goals by United Nations is achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. This should be recognized and considered the most important task by all nations and the educational institutions, governments and private organizations.

It is always a good idea to invest in the education and training of women and girls. Educated and trained women are able to be the lighthouses and their positive energy can help change our world in a very positive way. The natural talents and cultivated talents of women, their skills, abilities, and resourcefulness and enhancing all these on continued basis certainly help to make the world a better place with their resourceful contribution to this world and therefore their potential should never be underestimated but that should be enhanced by all means.

In this edition we are presenting The10 most empowering women in Businesswho are leading from the front and are good examples especially for future women entrepreneurs.

Featuring on the cover of this edition is an ardent Nutritional Therapist and the Founder of Biomedicine Holistic Healing Clinic, Hanna Ormanczyk. Combining science and natural approach, Hanna provides the most innovative, patient-oriented, customized nutritional plans, based on the blood biochemical or genetic profile, which is effective and safe for everyone.

Besides, Jeenu Riat is featuring as women of the year. Jeenu founded Stamped Engineering Corporation in 2017 to fulfill a niche in the market for customizable and adaptive innovative engineering support.

Delve into more such inspiring stories and make sure to scroll through insightful articles written by our in-house editors.

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