The 10 Most Eminent Women Leaders in Security August2021

The 10 Most Eminent Women Leaders in Security August2021

Stepping Up to the Challenges and Rising

It is truly an exciting time to be in the cybersecurity industry today. After a lot of companies got caught with major security breaches, the need to have a robust and secured framework has started gaining traction. Today, security threats have become a serious concern for companies of all types and sizes.

The good news is there has been the development of many cutting-edge technologies that can minimize cyber risks and give businesses a competitive edge. But, the industry is facing severe talent shortages.

The industry being occupied by too many men is not a problem; the actual dilemma is there are not enough women in the industry. Today, there is an ever-increasing need for educated, talented, and enthusiastic cybersecurity professionals, and women have got it all.

In this edition of “The 1o Most Eminent Women Leaders in Security”, we have highlighted such women leaders who have dynamically contributed to the growth of the cybersecurity industry.

On the cover, we have Nita White-Ivy, the Chief Human Resources Officer at BlackBerry. Seven years ago, Nita joined John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, at BlackBerry. She was hired to head and reshape the global HR function that would effectively support BlackBerry’s turnaround. As BlackBerry’s CHRO, she has been fortunate to witness, participate in and contribute to the transformation journey of the company with a small group of highly dedicated, collaborative, agile, and ‘get-it-done/make-it-happen’ global HR professionals.

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