The 10 Most Emerging Leaders in Healthcare, 2021


Healthcare is one of the essential parts of care all over the world. No one can afford to be complacent about one’s health. Moreover, good health is necessary to be a productive citizen of the country. Thus, without having a sound healthcare system in place, no nation can ensure development in the long run. With that being said, the contribution of emerging medical healthcare leaders is of great significance for the excellent healthcare system in place.

No one should underestimate the value of good medical professionals. It is of utmost importance for any nation to have talented leaders in healthcare to build the most capable healthcare system. The competence of medical professionals plays a very significant role in the good health of the people. Resourceful emerging medical professionals are the greatest asset any nation can have. They lead courageously and considerately to ensure the patients’ well-being through delivering good healthcare services to the patients.

Today, having good medical educational facilities in the nation is paramount for creating valuable emerging leaders in the medical field. The infrastructure of the hospitals with all the latest facilities for delivering the most competent medical services to the people is one of the most significant pillars of a sound healthcare system. All the emerging healthcare leaders need to be innovative to play a valuable role in this precious service.

In this edition of “The 10 Most Emerging Leaders in Healthcare, 2021”, we have enlisted such emerging healthcare leaders who are playing a significant role in improving the healthcare system by leading with courage and consideration.

Featuring on the cover of this edition is a compassionate leader, Greg Savino, the Founder & CEO of Baybridge in 2015. Greg opened Baybridge with the idea of change pushing him forward. He believes that if everyone in healthcare was truly committed to patient care, the industry will be able to provide more cost-effective care with better healthcare outcomes. He asks healthcare leaders to operate under this principle.

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