Susie Jones: Giving It All to Make Micro-Enterprises ‘Cyber Fit’

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2 min readOct 5, 2021
Susie Jones | Co-founder & CEO | Cynch Security

It is challenging in today’s world for an entrepreneur to start their business. Many individuals put their life’s effort into establishing their venture following their dream, ready to face the world. As the venture begins to boost with the smooth workflow, a random cyber-attack could destroy the data in seconds, resulting in one of the worst days for the individual and their business.

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a business magazine online.

To prevent such mishaps of cyberattacks on small businesses, Susie Jones, co-founded Cynch Security with Adam Selwood. Cynch Security is a cybersecurity firm that intends to build a world where every business can be cyber fit. The idea behind incepting the company was crystal, and it came into existence in mid-2017 after recognizing how woefully underserved small business leaders were by the cybersecurity industry.

Conquering The Hurdles

A leader’s journey is filled with challenges and overcoming them is a handful of a task. While challenges are not new to Susie, she effortlessly deals with them. Susie says, “The greatest challenge for me as CEO is managing the process of staying on top of all the information requirements of my position.”

An Advice to Younger Ones

When asked for advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs, Susie says, “Find a network of peers you can lean on and talk strategically with. I have many whom I speak to when I have issues I wish to work through, and they have been incredibly helpful.”

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