Steven Hill: An Accomplished Executive Leader in the Telecommunications Industry

Steven Hill, Managing Director , Light Source

Accountability increases productivity, as it helps leaders deliver results without being complacent. It helps them keep track of their short-term and long-term goals and thus, accountable leaders are then able to lead the business effectively. They lead with responsibility and leave a legacy that is worth following. This quality of accountability helps them to be innovative and allows their team to deliver pioneering solutions in their business. Steven Hill is one such business leader and he is the Managing Director of Light Source.

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Steven formed Light Source in November 2000 as a telecommunications design business, however since 2010, the company has been delivering a full turnkey service to its clients; design, build and commissioning major telecommunication networks. He is personally accountable for the overall direction and strategic development of the organisation and is working closely with board of Directors and Senior Stake Holders to build and develop the national capability of the business in the telecommunications sector.

Ensuring Inclusion, Diversity and Collaboration

A positive work culture runs through the backbone of Light Source’s business. The company has a number of initiatives to ensure there is constant collaboration with ‘The Light Source Family’; from quarterly regional director roadshows, to ‘You Said, We Did’ initiatives to ensure their staff has a voice at all levels. Steven’s key objective is to safeguard a positive Health and Safety culture, underpinned with governance, integrity and trust.

Enlightening Emerging Entrepreneurs

Steven advises budding entrepreneurs to have patience with their journey. “I am 21 years into my voyage, and still learning each day. Qualified financial advice is key, which forms the foundation stone to stability, growth and ultimately profit,” he says.

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