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3 min readNov 10, 2021

For any civilization, the availability of functional and effective healthcare systems is the most fundamental and is a question of life and death. The time of pandemic was challenging for all fields, but it was especially more challenging for the healthcare field and healthcare leaders. It put the role of healthcare leaders to the test. However, it brought out the best in healthcare leaders.

Healthcare leaders stood up bravely to respond to the challenge of the pandemic. They learned a lot of crucial lessons in the pandemic and, today, are continuing to play an instrumental role in strengthening the healthcare systems for ensuring the better health of people in the world.

Covid crisis has led to the need for reforms in healthcare systems for better service of patients. It highlighted the need for sustainable and responsive healthcare systems. Healthcare leaders are removing the loopholes in the systems and are also focused on building a strong physical infrastructure of healthcare systems along with the most capable and trained healthcare professionals. They are addressing every underlying issue that needs to improve the functionality of the healthcare systems.

Healthcare leaders responded to the challenge of the pandemic with an innovative approach and more urgency in their actions. With their research and innovative abilities, they are coming up with pragmatic and innovative solutions not just for dealing with the pandemic but also to deliver sustainable healthcare solutions to the people. There is enough evidence that healthcare systems that have the ability to deliver services efficiently and equitably are most important for achieving the improved health status of maximum people in the world.

A sound healthcare leader prepares a strategy for tracking the performance of healthcare systems, evaluating impact, and ensuring accountability. He or she depends on sound and reliable information for making the most important decisions to enhance the capabilities of healthcare systems.

In the current scenario, healthcare leaders are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. They are playing an important role in making sure that patients have access to essential medicines all the time. They are creating solutions that will be accessible and affordable to everyone and are trying to reduce health inequity. They are governing healthcare systems with a very organized and responsible approach.

In this edition of “Top 10 Pioneering Leaders Redefining Healthcare,” we have compiled a list of those leaders who, with their deep knowledge, compassionate approach, and exemplary skill, are delivering quality, accessible, and affordable care to people.

On the cover, we have Liz Barret, the CEO of UroGen Pharma. As the leader of UroGen, a biopharmaceutical company that pioneers innovative therapies to revolutionize care for patients with urothelial and specialty cancers, Liz knows what it takes to create a paradigm shift for treating life-threatening diseases. She has been responsible for introducing oncological treatments to market in the U.S. as well as abroad and has always been driven by what’s mattered most — passion and purpose.

Let’s unveil more alike and inspiring stories of such pioneering leaders and spread the word about their contribution to making this world a better place.

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