PPC Myths and Their Underlying Assumptions for Paid Search Campaigns.

Paid Search is one of the methods used for online marketing for companies and businesses. Although it has become more popular, it has gained some skepticism. PPC has come with many myths, and these misconceptions negatively influence businesses and how people understand Pay Per Click advertising. Some of the myths are very dangerous as they stump success or corrupt marketing strategies.

To open your eyes and approach to see beyond these plagued myths, we will dispel these myths. Perth PPC Agency advises its clients and customers to avoid delusional beliefs and have their advertising campaigns bear fruits. Among the misconceptions and myths surrounding the PPC advertising method include:

PPC guarantees fast and instant results

The misconception about PPC giving instant and fast results has led to businesses jumping into the PPC train where they believe they can win instant results. At first, there’s a rapid rise in traffic, but this never guarantees conversions.

At the initial stages of a PPC campaign, you tend to spend money finding out what is likely to work out for you, including what the CPC is, where the volumes are and what will not work out. During this period, you realize that you make minimal positive ROI, and it is also expensive. It is, however, vital in making solid campaigning strategies. For a better PPC campaign, you need to understand your market well and how customers search for their needs online. By understanding the keywords they use, you increase the chances of getting clicks.

PPC is not always the best marketing strategy, and therefore researching your target market is important. There are other methods that you can use to attract customers.

Position 1, Page 1 is all that matters

Ranking at the top in organic Search on SERPs is important, but it is not that important. Ranking top on SERPs is quite expensive and does not always guarantee results. When people click, they spend your PPC budget, and this will be a waste, especially if the customers don’t buy the goods or the services. The number one spot further costs more per click than the other spots in the SERPs. You will also find instances where the second spot gets more conversions and traffic than the first spot. Finding the best position in the SERPs should be your main goal. To increase conversions, make the content in the adverts as relevant as possible. What is the ad linking to? A misleading advert will make you lose customers.

Another misconception surrounding PPC is that the more keywords, the more conversions. More keywords increase clicks and impressions, but this does not imply that the conversions will increase. Here what you should have in mind is putting your budget to the highest converting keywords rather than any keywords. To maximize the use of keywords, you must safeguard your positive keywords by having them in separate campaigns. Ensure your ads are specifically targeted and target the right people rather than wasted on people who aren’t ready to buy.





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