Planning to Get a Franking Machine? Here are Some Buying Tips.

Are you looking for a way to send lots of mail monthly at a lower cost? Maybe your company — whether big or small — has started sending more letters monthly than you can handle. If this sounds like your business, you should consider buying a franking machine. Even though you need a franking machine urgently, this doesn’t mean you purchase the first one that crosses your path. You need to choose a perfect machine that suits your business’ needs.

Additionally, getting the wrong one can be devastating, especially if you’re a small business. Generally, the process of purchasing a franking machine is similar to buying a car, house, or computer. With many franking machines available in the market, this can be challenging. So, what is the buying checklist you need to follow when getting a franking machine? Read on to find out.

Compare Vendors

Once you have settled on your ideal franking machine, your first step is to compare different vendors. You need to compare different vendors to get different franking machines prices that are available on the market. This is essential because buying the wrong one subjects you to the risk of buying the wrong type. You could end up buying a low-grade franking machine at an outrageous price. The best way to have a real idea of what a franking machine will cost to buy or rent is to source as many quotes as possible. Do your research or ask for referrals from people who’ve used one before.

Consider Speed and Volume

No franking machine is the same as the other. This also applies to the volume of mails a particular franking machine can handle. However, many people don’t understand that speed and volume don’t always correspond. For example, you can buy a franking machine that processes a massive chunk of mail every day but not always fast. Additionally, the opposite is also true. You will need to assess the number of mail you send in a day. With this figure in mind, you can now determine how quickly you have to process mail. This will help you to purchase a franking machine that is suited to your business needs.

Mail-Mark Technology

Before signing an agreement with any vendor, ensure the franking machine has the mail-mark feature. The mail-mark concept is a feature where a franking machine uses barcode technology on mails. This mail-mark concept is the standard franking feature that uses digital technology used to simplify the franking process. This means you shouldn’t go for a franking machine without this feature. Talk with your seller and ask them if their models have every feature you want. You can also explain your business needs to a vendor, so they know what to get you. Having a franking machine with mail-mark technology puts your business in line with current advances in technology.





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