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Jordan Meinster | PickUp USA Fitness

In the United States, pick-up games are a regular event to attend for sports lovers. Pick-up games happen for all kinds of sports like, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, etc. The most loved sport being basketball, quite a few pick-up basketball games can be seen in America. It is known that these games are disorganized and less structured than the regular ones.

To bring a structure to these games, Jordan Meinster launched PickUp USA Fitness in 2011. PickUp USA Fitness has been serving basketball players all over the country an exclusive service. It is the first and only fitness club to focus on Basketball.

Physical fitness is highly important for any and every sport, be it basketball, soccer, hockey, or the likes. It is quite difficult to find a complete fitness club that focuses on one single sport. Such clubs not only motivate players but also create winners. The thought and energy behind opening this club is exceptionally unique.

Let us now learn the detailed journey about the company from Jordan.

Kindly brief us about the company and its initial journey.

PickUp USA Fitness is the first and only basketball-focused fitness club concept operating in the United States and was founded to create a better way for people to play basketball. Our clubs are full-service basketball-focused gyms offering group & private basketball training, pickup basketball games with referees, and full weight and cardio rooms.

What are the key points that you consider while choosing or getting in talks with a new Franchise?

PickUp USA Fitness seeks individuals who really believe in our concept. What we do is unique, and there is a huge market for our services. We spent years refining our brand before offering franchise opportunities, and we are looking for franchise owners that will be as passionate about our product as we are.

How do you train and support the new franchisees and track their progress?

PickUp USA Fitness is nationally recognized for our industry leading training programs and our world-class support. From the day you sign a franchise agreement you will have a dedicated team at our corporate office supporting you during every step of your journey. Additionally, our comprehensive training programs ensure that you and your team have all of the tools to maximize your club’s financial and operational performance.

What factors differentiate you from competitors and how do you ensure that these factors remain consistent throughout the chain?

PickUp USA Fitness delivers an unparalleled gym experience to our customers. With a relentless focus on customer service, our gyms offer a true plug-and-play, simple operating model, and our services cater to a massive potential market of basketball and fitness enthusiasts.

The definitive advantage of our franchise system lies in our brand identity. That means consistency is paramount. Consistency allows our consumers to trust in the quality of the experience they will have at any of our PickUp USA Fitness clubs. Providing a consistent experience is the key to our growth.

How do you deal with the franchisee expectations and disagreements, if any?

PickUp USA Fitness has a clearly defined playbook for franchisees to follow. The game plan has been developed and franchisees which put in the work, implement the plan, and stay focused on growing their club, have a high likelihood of success within our system.

What has your past business growth looked like and what are the long-term plans for future growth?

PickUp USA Fitness is actively seeking franchisees to develop clubs in select territories. We are less than five years old as a franchisor and can now boast sites in 7 states with additional sites pending in 4 other states. The sky is the limit because basketball is a truly global sport. We envision ourselves to be a nationwide brand that will be operating in all 50 states and possibly beyond. The focus of the company is on delivering strong unit-level economics at each franchise location and continuing to refine the model to ensure PickUp USA Fitness delivers world-class service to the customers and strong economic returns for the club owners.

About the Leader

Jordan Meinster played pickup basketball his entire life, and always envisioned a gym that would improve the basketball experience for the millions of players across the country. After close to a decade in financial services, he launched PickUp USA Fitness in 2011 and began franchising the concept in 2016. Currently, there are PickUp USA Fitness centers operating across the country, including multiple locations owned by NBA athletes. Jordan aims to deliver “A Better Way to Play” to communities across the country, and to drive strong financial returns for PickUp USA Fitness franchise owners.

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