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3 min readSep 15, 2021

The great entrepreneurs are driven by core confidence and competence. They are not fearful of pressure. They actually crave pressure and thrive under it. They exhibit courage and grace even under pressure. They understand the importance of fairness and always maintain a level playing field. They demonstrate logical and efficient decision making. They think deliberately and act on conclusion of logical thought. They don’t let emotions cloud their judgement or drive their decisions. They are rational and practical in their decisions.

The great leaders demonstrate total accountability and possess an unwillingness to make excuses for their shortcomings. They know how to get job done. They seize opportunities and make them count. They don’t recognize failure. They know there are other ways to achieve their intended result. They find one of those ways with their inventiveness. One such practical and inventive entrepreneur is Paul Guenther. He is the CEO of Knowledge Hub Media, a company that helps business professionals by providing useful insight and analysis on the most current topics within their industry, and across multiple job functions, including IT, marketing, finance, human resources, mobility, operations, sales and more.

Minimizing Mistakes and Maximizing Efficiencies

The most of what has always driven Paul comes from a few different things. First, complete financial independence for himself and those who work for him. Second, total accountability. Third, an unwillingness to make or accept excuses.

Paul holds himself and everyone else to the same standard. He recognizes that nobody is perfect and everyone is going to make mistakes, but the idea is to minimize mistakes and increase overall efficiencies. A lot of this happens naturally when everyone understands a culture of accountability. When a question needs to be answered or a problem needs to be fixed. It doesn’t really matter “why.” What matters is to attend it, and that Paul believes in doing that efficiently and effectively.

Delivering Engagement Opportunities for Clients

The offerings of Knowledge Hub Media are diverse by their very nature. Its core competencies fall in the areas or demand generation and content syndication. It offers multiple engagement opportunities for its clients to effectively reach their target audience(s) through high impact online advertising, content syndication and demand generation programs. It promotes its clients’ white papers and webinars to generate and deliver highly targeted, highly qualified B2B sales leads. As each of its clients have different products, solutions, and services, they target different segments of people (and companies). Its offerings are customized, fully tailored to target folks within the right job roles — at the right companies — who are typically already in the buying cycle for its clients’ solutions.

Generally speaking, the leads that Knowledge Hub Media generates originate from companies that are, at the very least, currently researching the solutions offered by its clients. In most cases, though, they are in the process of evaluating vendors and getting ready to make a purchase decision. This is where it comes in, where it really shines. By promoting to very targeted groups of people, it lines its clients up with the perfect buyers, at the perfect time. That is, companies that not only have a need and budget for the products and services that its clients offer, but that are also ready to pull the trigger and make a purchase decision.

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