Octro — Revolutionising the Gaming Experience in India


The iGaming and video gaming market is huge right now. The global industry is expected to be worth $300 billion by 2025. Founded in 2006, Octro aims to lead the way in the growth of the market in India and across the globe. Manav Sethi, Global Chief Marketing Officer at the company, tells us more.

We are helped in our growth by a focus on data-driven development and performance. Our operations are also founded on a solid team ethic and a focus on both Indian and international customers. We believe that we are only at the start of our story and have ambitions to make a major impact on the international gaming market going forward.

Describe how your company is leading the way in gaming

Octro has around 200 million users helping us to establish a reputation as leaders in the industry when it comes to developing games like Teen Patti for an online audience. For anyone who wants to know more about the basics of this game, you can read up on it here.

Our projected number of users is 628 million, making us one of the fastest-growing companies in the space, in India. We continue to advance in our offerings of real money games like Play Rummy and social games like Indian Rummy and Tambola. This has led to us being the fastest growing mobile gaming company in India.

We support the Make in India initiative and are proud to boost the gaming infrastructure in the country. We continue in our aim to provide ongoing enjoyment for users of our platform.

How is your offering different from other companies in the industry?

We provide a unique gaming IP that has never been seen before in India. Our offerings, such as Teen Patti and Soccer Battles intersect the worlds of entertainment and sport. As we continue to develop our games in both fields we are building on our global footprint and looking to expand into more than 200 international markets.

How is the featured person central to your operations?

Manav Sethi joined Octro Inc. in 2006 as Global Chief Marketing Officer. Manav was previously Group Chief Marketing Officer for Eros International where he oversaw the development of the OTT platform. He was also previously employed as Chief Marketing Officer at ALTBalaji.

Based out of the Octro offices in Delhi NCR, Manav is at the centre of Octro’s efforts to scale its gaming operations on a global basis. He strongly believes that the future of entertainment should focus on gaming and brings this belief to his role.

What technologies are at the centre of your company’s work?

Octro is a digital-first organisation. We focus our efforts on developing player insights to inform safe gaming operations as well as the ongoing development of games that customers enjoy and want to play.

Our technological strength lies in scaling game engines and data capture. Both of these abilities put us at the top of our industry in our current target market. They are also central to helping us develop a strong foothold in the global gaming industry.

What strategies are you embracing for future growth?

Global player spending on gaming activities grew to $58.7 billion in the first three quarters of 2020, an increase of 25.7% on the previous year. Octro is ideally placed to take advantage of this growth as we look to expand on our success.

Our clear strategies for this growth are to develop our existing IPs to capture an international market as well as creating a new global IP.

These strategies will help us to achieve our aspirations to become a leader in global gaming.

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Insights Success

Insights Success is an archway that caters to Entrepreneurs’ quench of technology and business updates which are currently ruling the business world.