Nita White-Ivy: A Proficient HR Leader Driving Organization’s Success

Nita White-Ivy | CHRO | BlackBerry

A company’s greatest strength is its people whose efforts drive its success. The biggest challenge is to appoint the right people for the job and manage them accordingly. This is where HR leaders come into the picture. They strive to build a team of excellent individuals through job architecture, performance definition and assessment, recognition, and reward for success, and developing leadership capabilities.

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with a Insights Success a top business magazines.

Seven years ago, Nita joined John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, at BlackBerry. She was hired to head and reshape the global HR function that would effectively support BlackBerry’s turnaround. As BlackBerry’s CHRO, she has been fortunate to witness, participate in and contribute to the transformation journey of the company with a small group of highly dedicated, collaborative, agile and ‘get-it-done/make-it-happen’ global HR professionals.

Leading with Employee Centric Policy

The pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge to companies including the computer software industry and their HR organizations. Unfortunately, there is no “bestpractice box” to draw from for HR practitioners to meet and solve the challenges, uncertainties, and issues each day brings.

Advising to Acquire In-depth Knowledge

Nita advises emerging women entrepreneurs to learning indepth, as much as possible, every facet of HR (HR Business Partnership, DE&I, Employee and Executive Compensation and Benefits, Talent Acquisition, HR Operations/Services, HRIS and Analytics, Employee Relations and Internal Investigations, University/Campus Recruitment/Relations, Talent Development & Training). She says, “Learn everything you can — not just what seems interesting or comfortable. In so doing, one will develop a solid and enriched HR skillset for career development and ability to mentor other HR employees.”

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