New year resolutions for small businesses after a tough 2020.

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3 min readJan 12, 2021

2020 will go down as one of the toughest years in recent times, especially after the coronavirus pandemic hit the globe. While 2020 has ended, many hope 2021 will be much better. While the world finds ways to deal with the pandemic, lessons have been learnt, and entrepreneurs can now have the confidence to make new year resolutions. Here are some of the things to consider.

Be flexible

Many businesses were forced to change strategies to remain competitive last year. Most of the businesses that survived were the ones that changed how they operated and adapted to the changing situations. Whether it was restaurants delivering meals to customers directly at their homes, or companies shifting to remote working, the big lesson was to always be prepared, flexible and adaptable to situations as they arise.

Find the right financing solution

For a business to succeed after a tough year, it will be important to find the right financing option for your business needs. However, not many entrepreneurs realise the many financing options available to them. While many may look to banks for their loan needs, there are also many other options that do not require extensive paperwork or have stringent requirements. As boring and time-intensive as it may seem, spending time researching and comparing financing solutions will save you big and set your business up for success.

Remember to relax

As stressful as last year was, it has also taught us the importance of relaxing and spending time with our loved ones. The pandemic showed us that our lives could be interrupted and turned upside down with little notice. However, it has also shown us that we can spend time away from our businesses and even develop innovative ideas to make them more successful. Relaxing will also allow you to decompress and recharge when faced with difficult situations. Whether it is by going on a vacation, taking time out to play your favourite slots at sites like, exercising, or getting a massage among others, it is important to devote time to relax this year.

Come up with creative marketing ideas

Times are always changing, and businesses need to come up with creative ways to attract and keep existing customers. In this world of cut-throat competition, businesses need to come up with innovative marketing strategies to not only stay competitive but also to ensure survival. During the pandemic, many businesses were forced to change marketing strategies to ensure they remained afloat. Whether it was partnering with other businesses to complement their services or change their advertising approach, the lesson learnt was to keep an open mind on how businesses interact with their customers.

Be hopeful

Last year was a tough year for many businesses, with some even going down. However, it is always advisable not to give up and hope 2021 will be a good year. Even for those who suffered huge losses and lost their businesses, there is always a chance to stand up and start all over again, all it needs is hope and courage to take that first step.

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