Most Successful Businesswomen to Watch,


Anaida Deti: An Inspirational Health Entrepreneur

Armida Kaloti: Encouraging Work Environment

Armida Kaloti, the Senior Marketing Specialist at Apparound, plays a vital role in digital marketing. A genuine leader who throughout her career has worked hard to develop successful strategies to transform marketing hurdles into opportunities.

Barbara Ann Bernard: A Successful Entrepreneur in a Competitive Industry

Wincrest Capital dedicates it’s time to uncovering undervalued stocks wherever in the world they may be. Then, in the words of Sir John Templeton, some other time — “when people are overly excited, bidding prices up to higher and higher levels in their anxiety to buy, we accommodate them and sell those stocks we bought years before.” The world can seem like a big place, but it’s not if you know what you are looking for.

Carolyn Hogg: An Entrepreneurial Leader covering all the Tasks

DR. NADIA CHEAIB: An Outstanding Leader in Health Industry Development

Fiona Bruder: Making Disruptive Changes through Experiential Marketing

Fiona Bruder, Executive Vice President of Client Success, represents one such successful businesswoman whose marketing strategies are geared toward immersing customers within the product by engaging them in as many ways as possible. She goes by her words “Work in the present and also the future and embrace change as it comes. It’s inevitable and an opportunity for new ideas.”

Jennifer Ladouceur: A Role Model Inspiring Passion & Innovation in Others

Juggy Sihota: A Trailblazer with Exceptional Leadership Qualities

TELUS is empowering Canadians to take control of their health and the health of their loved ones with the right information, tools, and support they need to live healthier and happier lives. As a Vice President, Juggy not only leads the largest Canadian-owned personal emergency response service in Canada but also is responsible for the national strategy, execution and operation of TELUS’ entire Consumer Health business.

Kelly Hall: A Leader with Compassion, Determination, and Persistence

For Kelly, “A successful businesswoman is compassionate, logical, emotionally intelligent, comfortable with ambiguity, willing to have tough conversations, and can both dig in and execute as well as sit back and see the bigger picture. No one is born with all these attributes. They are skills that needs to be developed and honed with time and experience.”

LAURA BRANDAO: An Influencer and Powerful Mortgage Professional

Manuela Beil-Peter: A Well Organized and Pro-active Individual

To ensure stable measurement results for long term, and high sample throughput under such conditions, automation solutions for sample preparation — in chemical analysis as well as molecular biology — are indispensible. Analytik Jena provides analytical instrumentation, molecular biology solutions and automation solutions. In addition, the company assists customers with the qualification and validation process to ensure complete compliance with standards and regulations.

Nicola Whiting: The Unsung Cyber Security Leader

Nicole Enders: The Next Generation Superintendent

Often employees demand more mobility because they have more flexible and modern IT solutions in private than in their business environments. Fortunately, the management is increasingly recognizing the benefits of enterprise mobility.

Nicole Iseppi: Advocating Greater Industry Collaboration & Increase Efficiency in the Global Energy Sector

Rachel Brownlow Lund: Empowering Women to Step-Up

Sophie Slavin: Leading with Experience and SkillSo

Stacia Guzzo: Making a Difference for Health-Conscious Women

Tami Louis: Striving for Perfection in Providing Unrivaled Experiences

Tamma Carel: Driving Sustainability through Passion and Professionalism

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