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3 min readMar 20, 2020


Intec Automation: Providing Solutions for Manufacturing in the 21st Century

The automation industry is on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Due to increased consumer expectations and advancements in technology, there has been an increasing demand for premium quality products and a rising need to improve the industrial processes for both quality and speed. Therefore, organizations across the globe are encouraging the deployment of industrial automation solutions to stay competitive in a global market. Manufacturers strive to offer quality systems to consumers and to meet their continuously evolving requirements.

Intec Automation is a pioneering leader that designs and builds custom industrial automated machinery and production systems. For over 20 years, the organization has been designing, building, and delivering hundreds of automated systems for a variety of markets all over the world, including Medical, Life Sciences, Aerospace, Automotive, Hi-Tech, Consumer Products, Cosmetics, and Food and Beverage.

Facile Consulting: A Comprehensive Portfolio of IT Services

The world as we know has become a tech-savvy one, and that’s no different when it comes to work and business development system. Understanding the complex nature of technologies, emerging tools, and their impact on the businesses at large, software companies are helping the businesses to become faster and more productive than ever.

Facile Consulting is a software services, consulting and business solutions firm that delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match.

ITS Security and surveillance: Creating a Safer World

ITS Security and Surveillance (ITS) is a sophisticated and intently organised regional security firm providing adequate protection to customers by delivering lifestyle-driven solutions. It offers professionally installed surveillance solutions, and digital-based offerings for residential, medium, small, micro enterprises, and large commercial customers.

ITS Security & Surveillance has been operating in the GCC for almost 20 years through the head office in Dubai, UAE. Their vision is to stay committed and dedicated to new and existing customers through a continued and sustained high level of service.

Trigent: Driving the Digital Transformation Journey

With the growing demand for automation and technology, there has been a consistent boom in the IT sector. IOT, cloud computing, AI, security etc are the IT services being served to clients by the best software companies in the world. Trigent is one of the leading companies helping clients to transform their business, operation, and technology models with the rapidly changing digital technology.

We at Insights Success are delighted to introduce you to Chella Palaniappan, the VP-Client Services at Trigent. Here he talks about the services of Trigent, his professional journey, and many more topics.

Zeotap: Minting a New Generation of Customer Intelligence

Understanding customers and their behaviors are critical for both online and offline business success. To meet the market demands and competition, service providers are offering businesses and their teams of marketers and data scientists new ways to provide personalized experiences based on accurate customer understandings and insights.

One such organization that has successfully demonstrated that data needs to guide every decision within the customer-centric enterprise is zeotap. Since its inception, zeotap has leveraged its proprietary technology to ensure that its 360 customer identity views made from customer data are every bit GDPR compliant. This data is helping its clients to strategize their next moves from innovative offerings to everything its data says is going to serve its customers best.



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