Mirna Sleiman: Impacting Lives by Bringing Financial Inclusion


Great business leaders have to adapt to different styles and attributes of leadership based on the different circumstances they face. However, the one aspect of leadership that never changes is the ability to lead from the front by taking responsibility. Today, leaders are driven by innovation and passion to create a positive impact through their talents, skills, and abilities. One such innovative and passionate leader is Mirna Sleiman. Mirna is the Founder and CEO of Fintech Galaxy, the MENA region’s open finance and innovation platform. She is advising governments and financial institutions on digital transformation programs. She has more than 15 years of experience in innovation programs, government affairs, investor relations, journalism, strategic digital communications, and global partnerships.

Delivering Inclusive Financial Services

Fintech Galaxy was founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2018 as a regional platform. From day one Mirna’s focus was to use the Fintech Galaxy brand as an enabler of innovation, so she had the dual responsibility of creating a platform and a space for the industry to come together, and the everyday job of building its own brand and developing a scalable business. It was clear to Mirna before she founded Fintech Galaxy that moving the needle on financial inclusion was critical for the Arab world. There was also a need to connect global fintech with a regional open finance platform that includes an API sandbox, a fintech marketplace, and enables cross-border open innovation. These important objectives, which ultimately are all about creating a future that delivers inclusive financial services, serve as a long-term guide and they underpin much of what Mirna does day-to-day.

Facilitating Integration of Financial Institutions and Fintech Companies

Fintech Galaxy fuels innovation in financial services drives ecosystem collaboration and facilitates integration between financial institutions and fintech companies. From scouting to deployment, Fintech Galaxy aims to build the future of financial services across the 22 Arab countries. The Fintech Galaxy Open Banking API sandbox enables the development, testing, and deployment of fintech solutions offers a marketplace that connects institutions to thousands of fintech from across the globe and delivers matchmaking and crowdsourcing capabilities that solve customer pain points, ultimately spurring disruptive and transformative innovation across the financial services industry.

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