Manuela Beil-Peter: A Well Organized and Pro-active Individual

Nowadays laboratories all over the world face high regulatory and financial pressures, while matrix complexity and the number of samples to be analyzed in a certain amount of time have increased steadily over the years.

To ensure stable measurement results for long term, and high sample throughput under such conditions, automation solutions for sample preparation — in chemical analysis as well as molecular biology — are indispensible. Analytik Jena provides analytical instrumentation, molecular biology solutions and automation solutions. In addition, the company assists customers with the qualification and validation process to ensure complete compliance with standards and regulations.

Manuela Beil-Peter the Director of the Business Sector Liquid handling & Automation is handling the solutions needed for the preparation of samples in any application and throughput demands of Analytik Jena’s customers, by giving the needed flexibility to value-oriented management.

“We support our customers to leverage the best technology to develop new medicine and cancer treatments”

A More Active Role

Manuela is an entrepreneur with 18 years of global experience in lab automation and business development. Since 2014, Manuela also joined SLAS, the Society for Lab Automation & Screening, in a more active role — first as a member of the Industry Advisory Committee and at the beginning of 2019 as part of the Global Membership Committee.

Understanding Different Business Cultures

When Manuela Beil-Peter started, it was quite a challenge to understand all the different business cultures around the world. For example, to work with people from the US and with people from Japan is like day and night. “I am not saying either one is bad in any way. It is just that different cultures require different sensibilities”. That is something Manuela initially struggled with. Over time, however, her experience grew, and she learned to understand these different cultures. Today, Manuela Beil-Peter treasures these experiences. She learned a lot from her colleagues around the globe, to see things from a different angle, to approach certain topics in another — often more efficient — way. They all helped her become a better business leader and, she thinks, a better person in general.

Highly Customized Solutions

Analytik Jena’s customer base is very diverse. Every customer application is different and has its own requirements. The liquid handling and lab automation portfolio at Analytik Jena has to accommodate that. That is why the company offers a wide portfolio of liquid handling and automation products giving customers the flexibility they need — from semi-auto to fully automated and even highly customized solutions. This means the company offers solutions to laboratories that are just starting to automate as well as laboratories looking for large scale, fully automated research or quality control workflows.