Leigh Dow: Bringing Transformational Marketing to the Security Arena

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2 min readOct 5, 2021
Leigh Dow | Vice President of Global Marketing | Identiv

Any industry is as strong as the people in it. The leaders in the industry strengthen the position of their companies by delivering transformative solutions. They fuel the growth of their companies by continuously driving innovation across the businesses to provide an enriching experience to customers. They celebrate the success of each other and learn from their failures. They propel the vision, ideas, and strategy of their companies forward. An ingenious leader, Leigh Dow, is an epitome of the characteristics mentioned above.

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a business journal.

Leigh is the Vice President of Global Marketing at Identiv, a global leader in seamless authentication and security solutions that digitally secures the physical world. Leigh and her team design strategic marketing initiatives for Identiv that drive the market leadership that propels the company’s vision and strategy forward. Identiv’s ultimate goal is to position the company as a leader in transformative technology solutions for security, safety, and identity management.

Strengthening Position of Women in Security Industry

According to Leigh, the role of women in security is evolving. Women are continuing to establish their voice, so in many ways, the change is already happening. There are very educated, capable women who are going to fill security leadership roles;

Leigh would also like to see more companies create a support system around establishing a culture for identifying and advancing talented women. She advises aspiring women entrepreneurs in the security industry to develop their circle of support and exhaustively nurture it.

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