Leanne Myles: An Expert Mortgage Broker Obsessed With the Client Experience

Leanne MylesClinton, Senior Mortgage Advisor, Wilkins Mortgage Team

Like every other industry, the mortgage industry is experiencing changes in the use of technology, and evolving to meet client and partner needs. Brokers are searching for the best ways to collaborate with lenders and customers by finding unique opportunities to leverage modern technology.

Although the mortgage lending industry has always been a profession of uncertainties, companies and loan originators are facing a more unprecedented market than ever.

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a best business magazine

With a compassionate approach, Leanne Myles is changing the face of the mortgage industry. Leanne is a Senior Mortgage Advisor at the Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team. Additionally, she has founded the More than Mortgage Brokers Society as a way for all brokers to work together towards a common fundraising goal.

A source of inspiration

Clinton Wilkins, owner of the Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team and a top producer in the industry, has been a big source of encouragement for Leanne. For the past three years, he has been helping her take her career and passions to the next level, and she has never looked back. While emphasizing teamwork, Leanne says, “Each one of us on the team has a specialty..

Support of 4300 Strong

Leanne advises emerging women entrepreneurs who are stepping into the financial and brokerage industry to not only lean on the broker, but also on the Women in the Mortgage Industry (#wimi). “We are 4300 strong and willing to help you in any way we can,” says Leanne.

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