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4 min readOct 1, 2021

“You have to fall in love with what you do.” Diana Magariu, award-winning “Woman at Work Leadership”, “Middle East’s Woman Leaders”, and CEO of Key One Realty Group would always say. Her passion for real estate has since created a platform where new and seasoned investors receive the best services catered to their specific needs.

While most consider Sales Volume as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for growth, for Key One Realty Group, revenue is only a by-product of a much more important focus — quality customer service and experience.

Key One Realty Group is a premier real estate solutions provider in Dubai with a reputation for excellence. Understanding that customer experience has more value than the property itself, is the company’s primary focus. This is evident in Key One Realty Group’s core values first embodied by Diana who says, “Our clients are not just paying for the property, but also for the experience. Other companies may offer the same services, but the experience makes all the difference.”

Established in 2006 by Diana herself, the company started with only three brokers focusing on the sales and leasing of residential and commercial properties. The name ‘Key One’ was derived from the key to unlocking doors of opportunities for the company, its people, and clients with the vision to be recognized as number one in the Dubai real estate industry.

Today, nearing its 15th year anniversary, the company has expanded to over 60 people working on a variety of projects, servicing several clients in four divisions — Real Estate Brokerage, Property Management, Holiday Homes Rental, and Interior Design. Making sure that the six pillars of growth, vital to their continued success and growth, are embraced by old and new team members.

Development like this was most certainly not overlooked by the masses. In the recent Africa & Arabia Property Awards 2020–2021, Key One Realty Group received the title of “Best Real Estate Agency and Marketing” in Dubai. In the years before that, they were bestowed the award of “Middles East Most Promising Brand Award” in 2019 and “Award for Brand Excellence in Real Estate Sector” in 2020.

Of course, success did not come without difficulties for the company. With the unexpected downturn in 2009 that left many to choose to leave Dubai and several companies to close, and the threat the current pandemic poses to the real estate industry, Diana continues to persevere and keep the company to serve as a support for their investors, offering solutions to problems that arise during these difficult times. Thus, developing and understanding the importance of building relationships with clients through excellent customer service and experience.

Indeed, Key One Realty has achieved massive growth in the past 15 years in the Dubai real estate industry. Managing residential properties worth 3 billion USD in asset value, servicing over 1000 clients monthly both locally and abroad and having a portfolio of over 1500 units of managed properties and exclusively managed buildings. From the date of establishment, the company has had over 50,000 sales transactions for off-plan and secondary markets.

In addition, the interior design division which was launched only two years ago has successfully completed two huge interior and landscape design projects, with 10 other ongoing projects located in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, UAE, and Slovenia. Even with the onset of the pandemic, Key One Realty Group surpassed their sales target by 5%, proving that the team transcends what many refer to as a crisis.

Undoubtedly, the success of the company would not be made possible without the people behind the scenes. Diana Magariu believes that people are the greatest asset of Key One Realty Group and must be considered with the same importance as their clients.

With the aim to develop a familial relationship with her team, Diana says, “Our people spend more of their time in the office than at their own homes. Their experience in the company should be fulfilling and purposeful.”

She adds, “We hire with a long-term vision to build relationships. Many of our former employees are actually still connected with us; we watch their kids grow and even participate in some of their family gatherings.”

Diana also believes that having a clear vision as a leader who people can resonate with and follow is key to finding the right fit. “If they see your vision and accept it for themselves, they will have the willingness to work towards that goal because they believe in it, too.”

In fact, she has high regard for beginners who are willing to learn and make a difference in the real estate industry. She says, “I am not hiring to take advantage of their skills. Instead, I would like Key One Realty Group to grow with them.”

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