Jennifer Ladouceur: A Role Model Inspiring Passion & Innovation in Others

Businesswomen today deserve access to leadership development support designed specifically to meet their needs. Women in the workplace have big dreams. Imagine a gender-balanced workplace, where women are properly supported and given opportunities to lead. Where organizations thrive and benefit from increased profitability, enhanced creativity & innovations, and collaborative corporate cultures; where they create an environment where everyone can thrive. Creating such Unified Workplaces that would attract, develop, engage, and retain, is a women leader –Jennifer Ladouceur, President & Co-Founder at Women Leadership Nation™ Inc.

“For WLN to become North America’s “go-to training and development firm” for those companies serious about gaining momentum in closing the Gender Gap and creating a Unified Workplace™; while helping women leaders create the career of their dreams”

Specially for Professional Women

In the beginning of WLN’s journey, it had initially launched a company that was designed to offer retreats specifically for professional women, with a focus on helping them to escape the daily grind and take the necessary time to do some self-reflection on where they are today, where they want to be tomorrow and how to get there. It quickly realized that in many cases women working full time and also balancing a household along with other demands simply finds it too hard to make the much-needed time for them.

Jennifer was faced with having to iterate her business model “pivot” and bring the solution to the women, directly to the workplace itself. Success derives from solving a realworld problem and when creating a new approach, a new solution engaging the community you will be working with from the early stages, which helps you to ensure you are creating a service or developing a program that will eventually generate measurable results. After significant consultation, WLN was reborn with a new focus on helping the companies to create an environment (a corporate culture) that allows for everyone to thrive; while also helping the women in workplace to succeed and grow personally and professionally.

Personalized Training Programs

WLN offers personalized authentic leadership training, development, assessments and certification solutions designed to leverage diversity & create an environment where everyone can thrive. Most companies simply offer Band-Aid solutions; whereas, at WLN, the company focuses on providing a more holistic solution. All personalized training programs are designed to be highly experiential, and the company helps clients create a Unified Workplace™ Strategy that touches on all 12 Unity Building Blocks, components that are necessary to make measurable progress in closing the gap & better-supporting women leaders.

Support Women Leaders

Jennifer’s goal is to help companies, particularly those operating in male-dominated industries such as technology, science, film & television, among many others disrupt the status quo and find ways to better support women leaders at all levels throughout the organization. She will catalyze this change by continuing to develop holistic solutions that target the 12 Building Blocks to Unity™, a proprietary framework created by WLN.

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