Inspiring Women Leaders Making a Difference 2021

They inspire, they lead, they make a difference.

Former award-winning broadcast journalist and present entrepreneur helping organisations identify and eliminate gender biases, Michele Ruiz, once said — If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you cannot hear them anymore.

Indeed, nothing could have been more apt for women business leaders than this iconic statement.

Women business leaders no longer come as a surprise. They have transcended that phase of being stereotyped. They have been instrumental in the fundamental reform of beliefs, rather myths, across the society. Entrepreneurship is a strong tool of empowerment for women since it provides flexible ways to manage work and family commitments.

Though gender disparity is no longer as strong as it was in the past, women do face challenges. Sometimes, they have to go that extra mile to assert their contributions, as compared to their male counterparts.

The brighter side is that things have changed, and they continue to change while women keep proving their talent in the business world. Today’s women business leaders are trusted and respected, more because of their own hard work than changed mindsets. In fact, their hard work has changed the perception of the world about businesswomen. They are unstoppable and have been successful in eliminating the age-told stereotypical tags.

Pressures and expectations have been many like the pressure to be like a man, the pressure to be in charge of their emotions, the pressure to be balanced and the pressure to never be wrong. Paving their way through the treacherous paths to success in a corporate or business world has been anything but smooth. While it may not be exactly easy to set their foot firmly in business, it is not impossible either. And today, the challenges are more or less the same for male and female entrepreneurs.

The world that once mocked upon the feminine qualities and considered these as roadblocks to be leaders or entrepreneurs, is now realising the importance of the emotional quotient for successful leadership, of empathy, compassion and a balanced work and personal life. Women had it in them all the while and these inherent qualities are the secret to the success of women in business. In addition, women are excellent managers and multi-taskers.

Women from different, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, social and geographical areas have made a mark in their respective fields. In general, women entrepreneurs in corporate sectors and businesses worldwide are making tremendous strides and leaving deep impact.

Our latest edition, InspiringWomen Business Leaders Making a Difference 2021, is all about such determined and dynamic women who were unfazed by both the troubles and success that came their way. These women business leaders are not only making a difference in the society and the industry but are also inspiring aspiring businesswomen.

Everyone has a story, a struggle, and challenges. Not every woman had a smooth ride. But they have been the game changers, and this is their story. We celebrate the success of such women who continue to inspire generations across genders.

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