1. To attract and further retain the attention of the viewers.
  2. To convince or persuade the audience to take action after viewing your business online. Potentially, this action will be beneficial for your business.
  3. To develop a sense of trust amongst your audience by providing them with good quality in both products and services.
  1. Assures a wider reach to the customers — An online business is not bound by the physical limitations. If you have a product or service on offer, you can use your online space to sell it in any part of the country, or abroad, without having to create a physical store or outlet.
  2. Assures quantifiable results immediately — With online marketing, a business can achieve quantifiable results in a short span of time. We say so because online marketing allows you to track your every action with metrics, such as purchases, clicks, sign-ups, and visits.
  3. Leads to lower overheads for the business — Sia, who did an excellent CloudWays review online, says that when you operate a business online, the amount of overheads is less, in comparison to that in the offline stores.
  4. Lets you track the preferences of customers and potential customers — With online marketing, you can keep track of the past purchases as well as the preferences of the customer. It will help the businesses personalize their offers following the preferences and the choices of the customers.
  5. Helps develop customer relationships — Online businesses help build strong relationships with the customers in real-time. Further, you can develop and build an ongoing relationship with the customers by sending follow-up emails about the services, offers, and new products.
  6. It is more convenient for the customers — Online businesses can be run round the clock. So, with an online business, you don’t even have to bother about work timing. Further, via the online presence of the business, the customer can buy the products they desire, at any time, all through the day. So, there is no hassle of visiting a physical store.
  1. Possibility of an Internet Fraud — Anaida, who offers research paper writing service online, says that in online marketing, you might experience a fraudulent or unethical practice. It might be impossible to keep a check on the fake logos or trademarks. This can further defame the reputation of the business.
  2. Placement of the ads — If you do not place the ads properly, or put too many ads, it may make the web page look cluttered. This can even draw away the customers.
  3. Demands expertise — In addition to the fundamental aspects of marketing, a business is also required to be careful of the advertising techniques, search engine technology, quality maintenance while creating content, and the logic, which go behind the internet marketing.
  4. Not accessible in the rural areas — Online businesses are not accessible for the rural areas. Moreover, illiterate people and the elderly are rarely able to make the most of the online shopping.
  5. Negative feedback or reviews about the products online — If a competitor employs a strategy to turn down your business, they can put negative feedback or reviews about your business online. It can have a serious negative impact on your business.



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