How to Use Shared Proxies for Your Business

Do you need shared proxies for your business?

Search engine optimization

Web scraping and web crawling

Advantages of shared proxies

Disadvantages of shared proxies

  • Sometimes some of the users misuse the proxy by spamming others or through other malicious intents like hacking and phishing. If regulators trace such activities to your shared proxy, they hold your business equally liable since you share bandwidth with the criminals.
  • Shared proxies generate the same or related IP addresses for the users. If a user gets banned for subversive activities while on the same proxy as your business, your business gets taken out too.
  • Some major social networks do not allow access to users on a shared proxy. That fact hinders your business from scraping those websites and platforms for crucial data to grow your business prospects.
  • Some proxy providers offer a substantial number of IP addresses per package. If your business needs only a handful of such addresses, you will find the packages available waste of money. For instance, if a provider offers a package of a minimum of 50 IPs, and you only need 10 proxies for your business, you subscribe for the package and waste the unused 40 IPs.
  • Shared proxies expose your business to a dark world. If the shared proxy happens to be public, another user can monitor your browsing activity. Possible outcomes of this include the harvesting of your business’ private information and details of financial transactions.
  • Some data centers do not clear their log files daily. That means that web crawlers can locate and follow your digital footprint. They do that by searching the log files of your browsing from major search engines.
  • It slows down your activity because of the many users on the server simultaneously. Such shared hosting also attracts captcha blocks. Your screen will also hang or freeze if you have many users on that server.
  • If you decide to use free shared servers, you will have to contend with recurrent interruptions from online ad posts.



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