How To Market CBD Oil & CBD Products To Increase Revenue

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3 min readApr 28, 2021

Are your marketing strategies bringing results, or you are struggling to market your cannabis products? When you venture into the cannabis business, you need to understand that conventional marketing might not be effective because of legal restrictions. If you want results, you need to think differently.

Cannabis products are subjected to strict marketing regulations, making it difficult for brands to penetrate the online market. But with the right tactics, you can beat these challenges and increase your revenue. Have you ever thought of working with a marketing agency to increase your brand’s visibility?

Suppose marketing isn’t your specialty, it’s best to work with a professional. Marketing CBD requires someone who understands the laws, the legal confusions, and the target audience well. Here are some tips from the best CBD marketing agency in 2021 to help in your marketing strategy:

How to Market Your CBD Oil and CBD Products

Target the Right Audience

CBD consumers are diverse in their identities and needs. Consumers come across all age groups, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Some want CBD for health reasons, while others just want something to help them chill out and enjoy their favorite TV show on Sunday afternoon. Selling the same product to such distinct groups can be a challenge. So, how do you target such a diverse group and still be specific? It all comes down to developing an effective targeting strategy.

You can’t have the right strategy without first developing a set of questions your strategy should address. Before you start pushing your product, you need to understand what you need to achieve by answering a selected set of questions, which include:

  • Who is your target customer?
  • Which age group should you target?
  • Does your target audience use CBD for therapeutic or recreational purposes?
  • What influences your target audience to buy CBD oil?

By answering these questions, you can have a framework on which to build your strategy. This helps you identify how to approach the target audience. For example, if you decide to go all out and target both therapeutic and recreational users, how will you straddle both niches?

Watch What Your Competitors are Doing

You cannot develop a strategy without considering your competition. Understanding the competition is one of the main reasons for conducting market research. Here, your competition is not necessarily CBD sellers but those who deal with similar products.

If you are selling CBD oil for pain, then your competition includes those who sell other pain medications as well. The burning question after analyzing the competition is, do you have what it takes to claim your share of the market?

When analyzing the competition, look at what they are doing to understand what does and doesn’t work. What’s their marketing strategy, and how much traction do they have in the market? Do they have weaknesses that you can take advantage of?





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