How to Choose a VPN That is Right for Your Business


The price for business VPN services vary from personal VPN services. Obviously, it’s more expensive than your usual VPN which you’ll pay for at least $100-$120 annually. Since this is a business you are hoping to cover with a VPN service, you are looking at around $500-$1000 monthly depending on the size of your business.


Most of today’s VPNs give you access to a demo. This demo will include all of the features of the service — free of charge. It’s their way of letting you test if their service is actually a fit for your business. Make sure to schedule for this demo is possible so that you can easily check if the service is indeed worth the price.

Security Features

The most important aspect of a VPN for business is the security it can provide to you, your employees, and your customers. Security features will vary from one service provider to another. However, there are a few features that are a must for a business setting and these should be the ones you need to look for.

  • DNS Leak Protection — Your domain name system (DNS) is a directory that matches with your IP address. It is one of the foundations of the internet which is why you must do your best to protect your DNS. DNS leak protection prevents your DNS from being discovered by others while you’re using a VPN.
  • Kill Switch — A kill switch is basically an automatic protection method that masks users of the VPN from outsiders just in case they get suddenly disconnected from the VPN. In essence, it allows VPN users to stay behind an extra layer of protection.
  • Split-Tunneling — A good VPN for a business is one that allows you to micromanage the business functions you want to connect to the service.



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