How Programming Became the Most Attractive Profession for Students.

Easy Access to Information

Two decades ago, information was not as easily available as it is today. Students at universities had to read from the library to get what they needed for class, but that has changed. You will find numerous examples of essays on websites such as for practically anything, including programming. These informative articles and journals help students in their exams as well as making it easy for them to decide what they would like to pursue as a career. Since this information is now available to everyone who seeks it, people from all parts of the world can study a once very complex course online with various available tools.

Immediate Feedback

With some professions such as teaching, it may take a while before you know whether you failed or succeeded. You would have to wait till the students have sat their exams so see from the results how you faired. With programming, you get instant feedback since a code is either right or wrong immediately. Students seem to like this kind of response since it either motivates them to keep working hard when the ping says it is a success, or they are challenged to stay at it till they have the right response when they fail. This feedback and the challenge posed by each job is a thrill that many millennials seem to live for.


Nothing like freedom to allow one to explore their potential and skills. A study conducted found that adding 20 minutes to a commute has the same effect as a nineteen percent pay cut. Programmers don’t have to work from the office to be productive since their job can be done remotely, and lately this trend is catching up even faster than before. The job allows you to be anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. can you think of anything better to keep an employee motivated?



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