LinkedIn automation is the science and art of setting up automated LinkedIn campaigns to tap into the awesome power of modern computing to create more direct and personalized campaigns. With LinkedIn automation, it’s like having someone to oversee your ad campaigns around the clock, making tweaks as they go to ensure that you get the most out of your budget.

As you can imagine, that gives you a huge edge over other LinkedIn advertisers. Even with over 9 billion content impressions and 600 million people on the platform, you’re up against tens of thousands of other advertisers on a pay-per-click model.

But how exactly can LinkedIn automation help you to take down the competition and establish you as the go-to brand in your industry? Let’s jump on in and find out.

How LinkedIn automation can bury the competition

  • Greater personalisation

LinkedIn automation allows you to reach more people with more messages, a bit like how Google ads allow you to reach more people and with more messages than if you were to place a generic print ad in an industry newspaper.

By creating different ads for different keyword selections and target audiences, you increase the relevance of your digital ads and can set up personalised ad campaigns that reflect key information such as your prospect’s geographic location or seniority.

Using these types of personalisation increases relevance, and that makes it much more likely that you’ll achieve that marketing holy grail: reaching the right person in the right place with the right message at the right time.

Decreased CPC

Increasing relevancy will also have the knock-on effect of decreasing the cost you can expect to pay for each click that you receive. As with Google, Facebook and other advertising giants, it’s in LinkedIn’s best interests to show the most relevant ads possible, because that allows them to charge for more clicks and also improves user experience. And by selling more clicks, they can charge a lower price per individual click.

On top of that, when you personalise your ad campaigns, you typically select more specific keywords, choosing long-tail keywords over short tail ones. As a result, there’s usually less competition, which means that you’ll be able to run your ads with lower bids than you might otherwise expect to see success with.

  • Lightning fast reaction times

Bots and algorithms never sleep, which means that they’re always available to make tweaks to your campaigns. Even the biggest workaholic has to take time off, and they also get distracted when they check their emails or when colleagues walk past.

Bots, though, can process data faster than any human being could ever hope to, and they can make decisions in split seconds and take actions appropriately. They’re already being used to trade on the stock exchange, because they can react in microseconds to trends that a human analyst might not be able to see. Applying the technology to LinkedIn advertising follows a similar model, and with similar advantages.

  • Greater return on investment

Marketing is all about generating a return on investment, no matter which marketing outlets you’re using. Digital advertising is one of the most measurable of all marketing methods because you can measure every click and determine exactly what people are doing after they click on one of your advertisements.

We’re not going to teach you to suck eggs by showing you how to calculate your ROI (and if you’re stuck, there’s a handy guide to it here), but what we will say is that if you make LinkedIn automation a default part of your digital advertising, you’ll find it easier to generate a positive ROI than if you don’t.

How? Well, that’s easy — through greater personalisation, a decreased CPC and lightning fast reaction times!


Knowing how LinkedIn automation can help is one thing, but actually putting that into action for the good of your company is something else entirely. Fortunately, the tips that we’ve shared today should be enough to help you to get started.

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