How High-Performance Computing Can Revolutionize Your Business

Are you familiar with the concept of high-performance computing (HPC)? If not, let’s save you the hassle of rummaging through Google’s first-page results in search of answers. By definition, HPC is the ability to process data and undertake complex processes at high speed. For those HPC beginners, high-performance operating systems such as these can drive innovation, facilitate around-the-clock monitoring, and ensure high scalability.

Think of it this way, a typical laptop with a 3GHz processor can process approximately three billion calculations in one second. While this is extraordinarily fast compared to the human brain’s processing power, these devices fall short of HPC calculations, which can process quadrillions of calculations per second.

A perfect example of HPC solutions is supercomputers, which contain thousands of compute nodes that work in sync to perform one or more tasks through a process referred to as parallel computing. Parallel computing is akin to having thousands of PCs tethered together to break down complex problems into smaller, independent tasks.

Now that we have wrapped our heads around HPC, you might ask whether HPC has much to offer for your business. Unfortunately, those professionals operating in business industry sectors may shrug off the importance of high-performance computing. After all, building rockets, undertaking ground-breaking scientific innovations, or manufacturing self-driving vehicles aren’t tasks that nestle comfortably under their marketing or customer-service based job descriptions.

If you’re under the impression that HPC isn’t relevant to your business, you’re sadly mistaken for the reasons highlighted below.

Saves time and money

It’s the dream of every business owner to deliver quality services while maximizing resources. Thankfully, due to its fast computing ability, HPC offers lightning-fast results, translating to a minimal use of finite resources.

Providing actionable insights

Assume you are a local business in the gas industry. Suppose you could acquire a system capable of analyzing your sales data generated over the last five years. In that case, you could successfully elevate your business growth to new levels and fulfill customer needs with astonishing speed. In a flash, years’ worth of data would be right at your fingertips, allowing you to pinpoint fast-selling products, high-margin products, and peak sales periods. Relying on computer data rather than your intuition informs business owners and startup owners of surprising trends that you could deploy into your business and marketing strategy.

Data is king, but numbers on a spreadsheet can’t be processed into actionable insights without taking the required course of action. Fortunately, HPC doesn’t only process data but does so in record time, enabling business owners to make speedy, informed decisions.

Simulations and forecasting

Is your business heavy on simulations? Engineers and designers, are you there? If yes, add HPC to your already existing computer infrastructure. With HPC, you will increase your turnaround time, enabling you to speed up computer simulations on new contracts, which otherwise you wouldn’t bid because of restricted timelines.

Furthermore, manufacturing firms can utilize HPC in optimizing molds for casting, mixing materials, monitoring materials flow, and carrying out other industrial processes. HPC achieves this with precision and speed, helping you set your business apart from rivals clawing their way to the top.

If your business is to forecast market trends and build a risk profile for your client, HPC can help business executives peer into the hazy future by harnessing the power of data insights.

To summarize

Traditionally, HPC has widely been deployed in scientific research, but it can be an invaluable secret weapon for your business. However, in reality, introducing HPC into your business model can feature quite a hefty price tag. The good news is that you can invest in a small cluster and still increase your computing ability. However, this will cost you about $10,000, which is a big pill to swallow for small and medium-sized businesses attempting to find their footing.

With this in mind, before opening your checkbook and rushing to procure a high-performance operating system, you’ll need to ask yourself the following: How can my business benefit if I grow my computing power 100 times more? Of course, the answer to this question isn’t sending more emails or designing attention-grabbing PowerPoint slides. Having a defined big picture of what you want to accomplish with HPC makes the investment a worthwhile pursuit.

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