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3 min readOct 1, 2021


From leading the country to being at the helm of organizations in various sectors, women are making their marks everywhere. It all starts with their endurance and the purpose of bringing a change in other’s lives.

Today, the focus of many organizations is on the push to women in leadership roles. And why not? Women have got the required qualities and skills to thrive in any environment. Their quality to strengthen and inspire their team sets the example for everyone. They follow a culture where people can come together, contribute, be challenged, and become the best.

Businesswomen believe in nurturing relationships with teamwork, trust, and respect. They want to continue to grow as a leader and lead the team and the company to the new heights. They always try to bring fresh and new ideas to the table. They always come with new strategies and approaches and keeps their teams’ and customers’ priority at the top.

More importantly, their natural confidence, strength, integrity, and core value stands out in any situation. They are fearless of standing to the ground with their values and priorities. This is especially true when we see examples around us where women are leading the big industries.

With the right intent to succeed, there is a new generation of businesswomen committed to inspire and make a difference in the life of others. They are transforming every field with their creativity, taking every industry to new heights. And, the results speak about their performance.

Looking at their breakthroughs and the difference they have brought to the world, their contribution is worth recognizing. Their success stories have become an inspiration to many aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to follow and shine in the business arena.

With an intent to admire and acknowledge businesswomen leading by example, Insights Success has come up with the edition “The 10 Most Inspiring Businesswomen Making a Difference, 2021. On the cover, we have an exceptional women leader, Precious Mayes. Precious is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pacifica Hospital of the Valley (PHV).

As a healthcare leader and entrepreneur, the journey of Precious has been very diverse and robust with opportunities and experiences in a variety of industries. Precious brings her experience and business acumen of elevating world-class medical care including the medical staff team to higher levels of personalized healthcare that guarantee a standalone standard of care for all residents in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County. Since the start of her career, Precious has always explored the impossible with the philosophy of “anything is possible”.

In this edition, you will come across many such business stories of women who have transformed the industry with their qualities and novel approaches.

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