Geniusthingks: Outperforming the Market by Providing Ground-breaking Solutions

Markus Ulrich | CEO | Geniusthingks

Technology is evolving printing solutions at a rapid pace. 3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing. Additive refers to successive addition of thin layers to create an object. Almost all 3D printing technologies are similar as they create an object layer by layer which creates complex shapes. 3D printing is becoming famous with manufacturers. The demand of 3D printing is due to the benefits it provides. This production process of 3D printing offers enormous advantages in comparison to traditional manufacturing.

The various advantages of 3D printing include those related to flexible design, rapid prototyping, print on demand, fast design and production, minimizing waste, ease of access, environmentally friendly process, time and cost effectiveness etc. Plastic or metal material flexibility is also there in the 3D printing process. 3D printing is also beneficial in advanced Healthcare. 3D printing is being used extensively in the medical field to help save lives by printing internal organs for the human body such as kidneys, livers, and hearts. Further advances and uses are more rapidly being developed in the healthcare field which are providing some of the most innovative and biggest advances from using the latest technology.

Taking 3D Printing to a whole new level, the portfolio of Geniusthingks consists of a multitude of patents that design production scaled 3D printing easier, faster, more flexible, cost efficient and portable. Geniusthingks derives from Geniusprinters with which Markus Ulrich started in 2013. The CEO of Geniusprinters, Markus is a Good researcher for technical solutions, best in a think tank. After a lot of 3D printing patents, he received offers to think about drones, pascalizing juice presses, smart bullets, electric cars, pandemic masks, habitat redensification of a small state, charging stations for e-cars, educational toys and some other projects that are in the pipeline. Markus states that if one starts with fundamental questions like why it is instead of accepting what it is, one is on a never-ending journey.

Thriving on New 3D Printing Technologies

In order to put all projects into a shell Markus founded the technical think tank geniusthingks that inherited the patents of geniusprinters and went on to develop a broader path. Still most of its printer-patent-solutions outperform the market, but geniusthingks couldn’t refuse the invitations to look into other industries and provide groundbreaking solutions. Geniusthingks thrives on thinking about new 3D printing technologies. Every patent at Geniusthingks starts as an idea, is refined into a concept and is formed into a useful product. Let us below take the look at one among the many patents of the Geniusthingks.

Giant Printer- Turning Valve Print-head

This patent by Geniusthingks presents a method for producing three-dimensional objects via a rotary throughput and shape variable nozzle, high viscosity dyeable resin and ceiling-mounted robot arm for creating printing that is as vertical as possible relative to the previously created layer, regardless of fixed layer heights and widths. A boxless design, whose scalability is hardly limited, and which can produce almost full-color, life-size objects of previously barely printable size both extremely fast and detailed. Areas of application: prototype construction, large models, furniture industry, car design, illustrative objects, etc.

Keeping a Track of Innovation

Within the last few years, it became obvious that drones are becoming an ever-increasing part of many fields of work, civil and military tasks alike and eventually everyday life. Companies not adapting now, will loose a track of innovation and will have a hard time making up that shortfall. Geniusthingks is keeping a track of innovation by working on delicate fields regarding sensor technology and the associated tasks to sensor-carrying drones.

Being Better Prepared for Tough Times

During the pandemic geniusthingks wrote that no real pandemic masks were available and wrote a paper with a suggestion to redefine the mask norms in order to be better prepared for the next pandemic. But politicians and administrators seem to be not interested in looking ahead. As the CO2 agreements force the countries to reduce emissions and subsidize the e-cars, geniusthingks produced a cybernetic unit that doesn’t produce overloads. this wallbox will be available in a few weeks.

Creating a Game Changer Production Layers

Geniusthingks also designed an EV with many surprising features that will come to a prototype at the end of this year. EV for geniusthingks is electrically powered, where the power source is dependent on technological developments in the future, so company will have a black box between the hub motors, this can be a battery, a cell, a hydrogen combustion engine or whatever, geniusthingks is open in that regard. In order to enable the production of cars, geniusthingks created a new production layer that is a total game changer. In future there is a producer of a product, and a producer of the production site. The first will just care about raw material arriving just in time and delivery and marketing, branding, etc. The latter produces the production machines and plans the factory and the product. So, every investor group or country can become car producer, they just order the whole factory. It’s like a gigafactory2.0, and geniusthingks calls it the hyperfactory.

Continuing to Grow as More Specialists
Geniusthingks thinks a lot about developing Africa and wants to offer the liquid-conserving high pressure press as well as the car production in order to improve life-quality there.
Governments seek advice, and geniusthingks will continue to grow as more specialists are attracted, and offers widen its path, it’s the success of unexpected solutions that makes geniusthingks reputed.

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