Empowered Women in Business

Lockdown and Women at Work

The pandemic and the ensuing lockdown have meant unemployment to a large population. This, in addition, to the already prevalent unemployment issue in the country. While the economic condition has been going downhill, the prices of essential commodities have been on the rise. These have just added to the reasons why double incomes are becoming a necessity.

The economic demands today make it imperative that both the men and the women in the house contribute to the family income. This increases the responsibilities of the women who are expected to balance household work as well and give proper attention to other members of the family. So, most of the women entrepreneurs try to make it through, not just with their education but skills as well.

These skills include basic ones like cooking and sewing to expert skills like grooming or designer pastry making. Most of them are operated from home if space permits else out of a nearby rented space that serves the dual purpose of work and proximity from home. In this lockdown when many white-collared men lost their job, these home-grown women entrepreneurs made sure that life does not stall.

However, some business or rather service providers, did suffer like salons because close human contact needs to be avoided these days. And though in such businesswomen are taking the necessary precautions, it will take time to regain normalcy. For others, a quick shift to technology-based services was imminent. So, we had a home-chef serving up her neighbourhood through orders received on messenger apps. Or the nearest boutique suddenly went online delivering the latest in fashion.

Overall, the pandemic has proved that to realize their entrepreneurial dream, women need skill, some time and technology. In this edition of Insights Success, we present Empowered Women in Business.’ These women of substance are learned, understand the problems around them and are ready to offer solutions from wherever they are.



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