Emerging Technologies Driving Profound Change

The 4th Industrial Revolution is here. The 4th Industrial Revolution is a fusion of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, etc. I believe that this new era of tech will drive profound change and these changes have already started in many ways.

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a top business magazine.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is not new; it is already happening everywhere. Algorithms pre-recommend the content we see and watch and the products we buy across all areas of our lives today.

The potential for AI is everywhere, in everything we do at home and at work:

  • What we don’t want to do — repeated boring tasks i.e. data crunching and reporting
  • What we can’t do — collect and analyse huge amounts of data i.e. predict illnesses
  • What we don’t know yet we can do — help us make better decision, help us create new roles, and new things.

Through AI, Samsung is developing a user-centric, highly personalised, intelligent, multi-device ecosystem that provides useful benefits to enrich our customers lives and make them more efficient.


Blockchain will also completely change the way we do things as well. Instead of businesses storing their valuable customer data to a central server in one location, Blockchain technology brings with it a decentralised model. It breaks the data into small chunks across the network. Effectively, businesses will only be able to store and use very limited parts of customer data at specific times.

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