1. Coachability: Being coachable empowers the people around you to learn and grow. Being coachable allows you to be vulnerable with people and resolve obstacles easily.
  2. Feedback Resilience: Being able to take all kinds of feedback without getting triggered is crucial in leading change. I believe when you receive feedback you are getting a gift from others and they are helping to see your own blind spots that you can see.
  3. Ego Management: As you rise to the top, your ego becomes bigger and bigger. Ability for you to manage your ego and your emotions will serve you well. Kindness is the antidote for ego slaying.
  4. Access Enabler: I believe that every leader priority must be to enable access for their employees, customers and partners to realize their potential. I believe in creating economic access and have dedicated my life to this cause.” Chaitra Vedullapalli
  1. Developing economic development solutions using modern technologies
  2. Removing language bias from public and private contracting practices
  3. Public policy and advocacy to create equal access to entrepreneurial opportunities
  4. Closely work with United Nations and Corporations to launch campaigns and solutions to solve global goals.



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