Caspian Agency: Helping Clients Clarify Strategic Goals

  • Event Business Plans: The company helps its clients create an event plan from scratch or helps to reinvent a gathering that may feel a little stale.
  • 10 Essentials Training: The Caspian 10 Essentials teaches clients or event professionals to lead with the event goals, not budget. This mindset shift is to one of no limitations, The Essentials cover all areas of planning starting with Success Metrics, Audience Mix, Program/Content Mapping followed by event processes and logistics including the budget.
  • The Caspian 10 Essentials are offered both online and in person.
  • 10 high-impact online videos, armed with learnings, tactical takeaways, and a mindset shift — Content is an online and accessible watch in your own time, anywhere
  • CMP Preferred Provider approved 7.5 CE credits
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee — In Person: Heather can come directly to your office and offer training for yourself and organization executives. With over 18 years of event expertise, she’s been in the trenches, learned the lessons, and wants to pass her knowledge on to you.
  • Event Production: Before the company produces an event, it works with the client to complete The Caspian 10 Essentials. Then, and only then, does Caspian take on the production. Caspian has had the privilege to work with some of the world’s most renowned organizations that change the world. Another Caspian motto is that we are “change the world adjacent” -Speaking



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