Italy’s Golden Visa: What is it?

Golden Visa for Italy: What are the requirements?

  1. A government bond, which the Italian Republic issues.
  2. An Italian incorporated company, which operates in Italy.
  3. An innovative startup.
  4. He/she makes a philanthropic contribution. And, can support public interests in fields of education, immigration, culture, management, preservation of natural heritage and resources, and scientific research.
  1. An investment of €250,000 in a local startup that already exists. Research for the list of startups that you’ll have to invest in.
  2. A €500,000 investment in an Italian incorporated company that operates in Italy; has been in functioning for at least two years.
  3. €1 million donations to support the public interest projects. These can be in the form of education, scientific research, immigration management, culture, preservation of natural heritage, and culture, or any other activity of similar nature.
  4. €2 million investment in government bonds, which is to be held for the smallest period of two years.
  1. You have no option for real estate. The options can be daunting for the people who’re looking out to buy a seaside villa and tend to forget about the entire visa application process.
  2. The risk scale for all the investments is pretty high, except for the option for government bonds. That is because of the high investment amounts involved.

What are the Documents you need for an Italy Investor Visa?

  1. A passport copy, which shows your picture, name, issuance, and expiration date along with the passport number.
  2. A CV that showcases your academic record and professional experience.
  3. Other supporting documents that state the financial resources you own, the ones that you will invest or donate. These are your bank statements with the name and funds available.
  4. Licit and transferable financial resources. An official letter by the bank/ financial institution that shows your assets. These letters determine the location and carrying out of checks that you own. You also need to show that you have no criminal charges on your record. Relevant authorities will issue the declaration.
  5. Proof of consent given by the investment/donation recipient.
  6. A commitment of declaration that shows how your funds will find their usage, the one that has electronic signatures. You can download the declaration from an online platform with much ease. Ensure it states the investment money and the place you intend to settle in Italy.
  7. The nature of donation/ investment and your experience as an investor/ donator. The description must be not more than 1,000 words.
  1. Nulla Osta copy, along with all other documents original hard copies.
  2. Proof that you have accommodation in Italy
  3. Previous financial years income statements. The income you show must meet the minimum threshold for exempting yourself from healthcare expenses. The amount is around € 8,500.
  4. A valid passport
  5. Your country residency proof.
  6. The passport-size photograph of yours.

Investor Visa for Italy: How to get on to the Application Process?

  1. Nulla Osta online application that has no impediment certificate.
  2. Italian Consulate or Embassy application visa.

Applying for Nulla Osta:

  1. Complete a series of forms for starting an online application.
  2. Submit some documents by scanning and attaching the same electronically on the website.
  3. Download the Final Declaration, and before submitting it, sign via electronic signatures.
  4. Your documents will be under scrutiny by the Investor Visa Committee Secretariat. You will receive a green light if all your documents are in the correct order, and the Investor Visa Committee will evaluate the application, else you’ll have to submit the documents again for proper evaluation.
  5. The Investor Visa Committee, which comprises government agencies and ministries, then assesses your application.
  6. A final and binding decision will knock on your doors within 30 days.

Applying for Italy Investor Visa:

  1. Nulla Osta and the hard copies of documents you’ve submitted. You might also need some additional documents.
  2. After you have the Italian Embassy visa, you have a span of two years for using the same to enter Italy.

Arriving in Italy with Golden Visa:

Key Takeaways:



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