An Extended Family Delivering Exceptional Senior Care

Home Helpers® Home Care: An Extended Family Delivering Exceptional Senior Care

We all grow and age accumulating years of experience, good and bad memories, grey hair, wrinkles, and most importantly, a family. As kids, we feel loved and taken care of by our parents. And when our parents age, it is our turn to reciprocate the love and make them feel cared for. As they age, their mind and body become frail and most become dependent on their family, just like kids, for things, big and small.

It is projected that by 2060, the number of Americans aged 65 and older will double to 95 million from 52 million in 2018 making their share of the total population rise to 23 per cent. We must start preparing for their needs like housing, medicine and more. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic has also shown how resilient the elderly in-home care system can be. A single outbreak slowed down the care being delivered to the elderly in facilities and pushed some centers to closure due to lack of funds and food and most importantly, the vulnerability of adults in facilities towards diseases that realized a higher mortality rate as a result.

The pandemic just underlined the importance of being in a home setting with the family. With most skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities closed to visitors, even family, as a precautionary measure, many senior citizens in those facilities took ill due to loneliness and the uncertainty and anxiety over how long before they could see their loved ones in person. And the thought that reverberated across the society was — if only, they could have been taken care of at home.

An in-home care service for people of all ages, who need assistance with everyday living, is the need of the hour. Being there for you and your loved ones like an extended family and providing the requisite care in absence of one’s family is Home Helpers® Home Care.

Exceptional Senior Care

Home Helpers Home Care was founded in 1997 and has had 22 years of system revenue record-breaking growth. The award-winning nationwide home care provider has locations in 43 states serving more than 1,000 communities across North America. It provides comprehensive in-home care that includes personal care and companionship, wellness checks when there is no Caregiver in the home, technology monitoring, meals, and nutrition planning to keep loved ones in the least possible risk setting in the comfort of their homes.

The home care powerhouse has also shown itself to be recession-resilient and in high demand through both the Great Recession of 2007–2009, and now as an essential service during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with 100% of their locations open for business and caring for clients.

The organization’s mission is to be the most trusted and respected provider of comprehensive home care services and support for those who choose to remain independent wherever they call home. In simple terms, the services will be provided wherever the client resides.

An Industry Veteran

An elite team of Home Helpers Home Care is led by its President & CEO, Emma Dickison. Emma is a franchise and healthcare industry veteran and speaker. In more than 30 years of her career, she has experienced leading three successful organizations and has been with Home Helpers Home Care for the last 13 years. Under her leadership, the organization has grown 450%.

Emma was recognized in 2019 by the International Franchise Association as their Crystal Compass winner. She has been recognized as one of the ’50 Women of Wonder in Franchising’ and in early 2020 was recognized as one of the ‘Top 20 Influential Women in Franchising’. Emma also serves as President of the Home Care Association of America’s Board of Directors, the industry’s largest trade association.

A Need for Holistic and Proactive Approach

According to Emma, senior citizens are among the most vulnerable populations. The medical community has done a terrific job of extending life expectancy. However, this has also increased the chances of living with chronic conditions, which poses challenges. She believes that healthcare needs to take a more holistic and proactive approach.

Since Home Helpers Home Care is at the home, it has the advantage of observing changes in the senior’s health and habits sooner than others in health care. It would serve seniors, their families and the entire health care continuum to place greater emphasis and investment on pre-acute care management with all disciplines including social services and mental health than responding reactively in acute care settings. This would be more cost-effective and provide improved quality of life for this important group.

Delivering a Robust Care Program

Home Helpers Home Care has always had a spirit of innovation and compassion. The primary focus of the franchise model is for the clients that are entrusted in their care. This recession-resilient business model meets more than one’s economic needs i.e., the societal needs. It is a way to care and give back to one’s family and community.

Home Helpers Home Care focuses on delivering exceptional care to its clients and its Net Promotor Score as measured by an independent third party is consistently above the industry average. It focuses on collaboration and the franchisee experience in creating profitable programs and growth. Nothing is implemented until it has been tested in pilot programs with franchisees a part of the project. Additionally, the annual survey completed by its franchisees through an independent third-party rates Home Helpers as exceptionally good in all eight categories measured.

The organization has recently launched its new Cared-4 program that has been in pilot for over two years. It combines traditional in-home care with wellness checks, technology monitoring and meals and nutrition to provide a robust care program unlike any program being offered through other agencies.

New Programs in Line

Home Helpers Home Care will continue to be an organization with a spirit of innovation, as it has since inception. It will continue to deliver on its mission and incorporate other new programs to its portfolio. Recently, it has launched Home Helpers 2.0-The Next Generation after more than two years of work and now it is looking ahead to 3.0!

Enlightening Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In her advice to aspiring healthcare/franchising professionals and entrepreneurs, Emma asserts “Bold change will require a bold choice. And that will many times be uncomfortable. You have to ask yourself: 1) what is my goal 2) do I believe in myself to be successful and 3) am I ready to be bold and take this step?”

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Insights Success

Insights Success

Insights Success is an archway that caters to Entrepreneurs’ quench of technology and business updates which are currently ruling the business world.

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