All the Right Connections: 5 Ways Networking Can Help Grow your Business.

Networking is an excellent way to grow your business, yet many business owners fail to take full advantage of the opportunity. Most people turn to their network to obtain referrals, but the network is a great resource when a company needs to connect with other professionals. These connections are excellent when a person is in need of knowledge and information. However, successful networking doesn’t just happen. You need to know how to make the most of each interaction so everyone benefits.

The following are some of the ways you can use the network to grow your business today.

Support Community Events

Get the business name out by taking part in community events. This may be offering space following a natural disaster, an area where people can gather and reconnect with loved ones. Tide offered free laundry services following the fires in California in 2018, and many people took notice of this and supported the company by purchasing its products.

Every business can benefit from taking part in events that help those around them. This can involve sponsoring an event that helps a local family during a crisis or printing menus for a dinner for a community organization. See the many products offered now at to learn about the ways you can get your name before the public by supporting a community event. For instance, the laminating pouches would be of great help in protecting the menus so they can be used by multiple individuals during the event.

Support Employees and Their Families

In addition to taking part in community events, be sure to support those who keep your business up and running. For instance, an employee’s son might play on a local baseball team. Offer to be the sponsor for that team. Doing so will not only help to get the business name before the public, but it will also provide you with new connections in your network. The bigger the network, the more opportunities a business has to grow and thrive. Parents of these children remember who backed their child in an activity they love and will be more likely to patronize the business as a result. In addition, they will tell their friends and family about the company that sponsored the team, so the business benefits even more. Another way to support employees is to set up an internship or scholarship program for their children. Call on the network to create similar programs so more people will receive much-needed help while the businesses get publicity.

Recognize the Importance of Social Capital

Certain people take and never give anything in return. Don’t make this mistake when it comes to your network. Accumulate social capital before requesting favors. Compare this to the business bank account. A person can’t walk into the bank and withdraw money when they haven’t put any in.

The same is true of your network. The more you put into the connections you are making, the more you will get from the interactions. Be upfront with what is needed. People can detect when someone in their network has hidden motives.





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