Ahmed Detta: Ensuring Sustainability by Pioneering the Development of Recycling Methodologie

Development is great but it should be in harmony with the well-being of the environment. Use of renewable energy resources is an important factor in ensuring environmental sustainability. Sustainable development is one of the most important goals of the United Nations Organization. Businesses that use renewable energy resources today play an important role in ensuring environmental sustainability.

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The leaders that are the promoters of environmental sustainability through a variety of innovative ways are very passionate in ensuring the protection of the environment as well as its development. Ahmed Detta is one such innovative business leader who is cognizant of ensuring environmental sustainability and balancing development and sustainability. Ahmed is the CEO and Founder of Enviroo, a company that provides a solution to post consumer plastic waste. He is a circular economy focused entrepreneur with over 15 years of professional industry experience across UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Being Environmental Activist

Ahmed’s industry specialism spans across the Sustainability and Technology arenas with a deep-rooted focus on plastics recycling. He has previously supported international campaigns including United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (UNCDP) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to help raise awareness of our damaged environment.

Creating a Sustainable and Circular Economy Using PET

Enviroo recycles 100% of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic waste and creates ‘food-grade’ polymers that are used to recreate food packaging and plastic bottles. PET plastic is not going to instantly disappear and remains embedded in everyone’s lives. Not only does it take up to 400 years to disintegrate but is also the primary material used in packaging for food and beverage and will remain for many years to come. PET can be infinitely recycled and the technology Enviroo uses can recycle 100% of this material. Enviroo has created a closed loop recycling method incorporating long term viability as it ensures transparency, circularity, and sustainability.

Changing Behavioral Habits of Plastic Users

Enviroo’s mission is to change behavioral habits of plastic users to ensure plastic does not enter oceans and landfill. It advocates responsible recycling that creates unity amongst all circular economy stakeholders, thus ensuring 100% of PET plastic waste is recycled.

Enviroo’s vision is to provide recycling solutions for PET plastic waste across the United Kingdom by creating vitreous recycling protocols that encourage commitment from all stakeholders. The company merges social impact with technological innovation to create a better environment — both for today and for future generations.

Being Resilient in Navigating Through Life

Living abroad has made a huge difference to Ahmed’s life as he has had to make serious life decisions without the support of his inner circle of friends and family. He states that by not having them close by to have a chat about something important really helped develop an independent mindset. Living abroad has also made him more resilient as the transiency of expat communities can create a lot of loneliness as people move onto their next location. He expresses that you become very close to people very quickly as you are all away from your support bubble and then that person relocates and creates a massive void. Through this, you become more resilient as you adapt to the cycle of expat life.

Ahmed mentions that he has come across some fascinating characters in business and they taught him to really introspect. He dealt with people from all facets of society and realized that not everyone has your best interests at heart. He says that learning that some people have a hidden agenda and not knowing what that is can be detrimental to one’s success if it is not aligned.

Besides this learning, books have been really instrumental for Ahmed, as they helped him navigate through life.

Currently, he is reading ‘what happened to you’ by Oprah Winfrey which is about dealing with trauma, resiliency, and healing all of which affect and creates new entrepreneurs.

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