David Wachs | CEO, Founder & Chief Robot Mechanic | Handwrytten

In an age where everyone is drowning in electronic communication, handwritten notes really stand out. They go a long way in building lasting relationships with people, and companies that send notes are set apart from the competition. To help its clients leverage this untapped form of outreach, Handwrytten (www.handwrytten.com) automates handwritten notes on behalf of companies large and small.

Handwrytten was founded to fill an unmet need of sending handwritten notes as easily as sending an email. To solve this problem, the company invested heavily in robotics to build a machine unmatched in handwriting quality and scalability. One of the…

Alice Chang | CEO & Founder | Perfect Corp

As an industry projected to be worth nearly 440 billion dollars by the 2026, it is safe to say consumers are into their beauty products. Given the complexity and ever-growing assortment of newness entering the beauty shelves, consumers are looking for ways to a safely and conveniently experiment and explore new products in order to make more confident purchase decisions.One such business success stories for beauty products of Alice Chang.

“Perfect Corp. is the world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider transforming the industry by marrying the highest level of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for a reimagined…

Dr. Chad Audi | President & CEO | Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM)

Clarity in vision, sincerity towards the goals, and humility in behaviour are the essential traits to acquire to become a transformational leader. Dr. Chad Audi is one kind of leader whose leadership style and work are an epitome to achieve for emerging leaders. …

Omar Mohamed | CEO | Flowco Malaysia

Association can stimulate and influence a person’s consciousness, cognitive processes and also, leadership style. Due to the influential impact of association, it is advised that a person should be aware and consider the type of personalities that they allow in their vicinities.

Humans consciously or subconsciously imitate, adapt, and inculcate the qualities of others that are close to them. Omar Mohamed Said, the CEO of Flowco Malaysia, is no different. …

Leaders Who Supports, Empowers and Motivates

Leading people is the work of responsibility. Everyone expect that leaders should lead by example and has to keep his/her team motivated all the time. Well, this is not possible every time. As leaders need their team, in the same way their team needs them. With time, the leadership style has been changing and modern leadership has many dimensions than before. The one leadership style that covers all the dimensions of leadership is innovative leadership. It includes a leader who has perspective, vision, and ability to collaborate with different people and capability to change…

Todd McKay | CEO & Owner | MgO Systems

Traditional materials for constructing walls, roofs, and floors demonstrate unacceptable performance when it comes to fire, water, corrosion, insects, and energy efficiency. Any constructions that have been built with minimum standards or by using traditional materials or old technologies affect safety, quality and sustainability of the buildings. It is essential to create sustainable and safer buildings by using quality materials and new technology.

MgO Systems is home to a collection of problem-solvers and innovators who are driven to develop new construction technologies that are better, faster, and safer than today’s typical building materials and methods.

Assembling a Diverse Team and…

Dutch Ng | CEO & Co-Founder | i-Sprint Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

In the rapidly growing cyber world it is essential for individuals, organizations, and societies to have trustworthy, competent, capable, secure, safe, versatile, strong authentication and identity management platform. This helps in confirming identity and transactions in the cyber world and avoid any threats from miscreants, unauthorized persons and from other inauthentic mediums. i-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint), established in the year 2000, is a leading provider in securing identity and transactions in the cyber world. It has solid track records in the Asia Pacific Region. The company focuses on offering digital identity and identity of things (IDoT) solutions to various industries.


Kirk Byles | CEO | FreeWave Technologies Inc.

As the world is becoming more digital, it is essential to automate and optimize remote site operations, and act on edge data anywhere. Having an edge data platform that can solve the problem of lost data, low quality data collection, connectivity gaps and issues of congested networks is becoming more essential. Having good technology that resolves issues of lost data, connectivity gaps is becoming the essential need of the Businesses.

“FreeWave Technologies provides true edge processing and applications for industrial customers who need to constantly find operational efficiencies.”

Wherever remote communications or edge processing is required, FreeWave Technologies has the…

Tom Whicher | CEO & Founder | DrDoctor

Making medical care accessible to everyone is one of the most noble tasks of all nations. To deliver sufficient medical attention to the patients and curing them from their diseases is the most important aspect of good healthcare. It is essential to have the culture of care, compassion, and concern at the care giving centers for the well-being of the patients by using the latest technologies and all available advanced sources. DrDoctor values the culture of compassion and kindness and it utilizes technology to deliver transformational healthcare.

Tom Whicher is the CEO and Founder of DrDoctor. He states that DrDoctor’s…

We Love What We Do

I started Savvy Marketers with the goal of helping our clients transform their business by identifying where to play and how to win. This means what categories to compete in and how to build the strategic pathway to win with their brands. Our Design Thinking and Experience Design expertise allows us to uncover deep consumer truths via our proprietary AI technology that helps our clients innovate and design with their consumers and brands in mind.

9 years ago, I left the corporate world after spending more than 20 years as a marketer in industries such…

Insights Success

Insights Success is an archway that caters to Entrepreneurs’ quench of technology and business updates which are currently ruling the business world.

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