9 Apps to Help You Reduce Stress as a Student.

Being a student is tough. All those late-night study sessions and early morning exams not only put pressure on students but often cause a lack of sleep and anxiety. All of these together drain the mind and body, pushing students far away from their usual selves. While university years do not go on forever, students can benefit from learning to manage their stress and start enjoying their lives again.

There is no need to pay for expensive classes or spend tons of time trying out different methods; instead, students can use apps that help combat stress. This means they can manage their stress from anywhere, at home or on the go, with these top 9 apps for stress management.

1. Headspace

With the free version of this app, students can access ten free meditation sessions to combat stress. Each session is guided, led by an expert in meditative practices that helps to breathe and relax. Meditation is not for everyone, but it is a practice that everyone should try out. It is linked to several health benefits, one of which is melting away stress.

2. Stop, Breathe, & Think

This app also focuses on meditation for stress but takes it a step further. This app is one of the top recommendations of online writers, raved about for its simple yet effective techniques. In using this app, students will learn many breathing techniques associated with calming the mind. Most of these techniques are useful when logged out of the app and teach students how to use their breath to calm down in any situation.

3. Calm

Calm promises to help make stress management easy. There are two different versions, one free and one subscription, both filled with great extras. With the free version, students have access to many meditative techniques, guided by professionals that know what it takes to turn the mind off and let the relaxing begin.

4. Happify

Happify was created with the idea of coming to the rescue during an anxiety or panic attack. Using cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness, Happify uses happy psychology to help bring students to a more positive state of mind. When learning to train the brain to focus on positive things and calm down, students can take their life back and shake off any jitters that come from big exams or presentations.

5. Pacifica

Pacifica is an app that tracks the mood. Using the collected information, the app will automatically send students suggestions to help calm them down and get them ready for the tasks ahead. Pacifica uses cognitive behavioral therapy and a combination of meditation to create an atmosphere of relaxation for students who need it the most.

6. Mindshift

Mindshift is about making changes to the way one thinks.

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