8 Kinds of Online Businesses You Can Start.


While many blogs are created simply as a hobby, there are also plenty of blogs that draw enough income to be run as a profitable business. If you have a talent for writing and something to say, blogging could be a great choice for you.

App Development

Applications for smartphones and tablets can be extremely profitable. Even if you offer an app that you have developed for free, you can still make an income from advertisers if your app is popular! Some of the most popular apps are actually extremely simple. The great thing as well is that as the business world moves forward in becoming more and online-based, this opens up more opportunities for you. Why? Well, businesses that years ago would have solely operated out of a physical premises are now making their headway online. Take the betting and casino industry, for example. People can now dabble in horse racing betting online from both their desktops and their phones. This is an industry that is growing, and they won’t be the last one to make the transition; therefore, app development is a very popular business venture to consider.


Whether you are marketing sites for online retailers or a small betting business, digital marketing can be a highly lucrative business to get into. Even if you do not start your own marketing business, learning digital marketing is valuable for promoting your own business.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a unique discipline that combines an artistic eye with technical skill and marketing knowledge. Because this skill is so useful and valuable, graphic designers can make a lot of money from starting their own businesses and finding the right clients.

Writing eBooks or Courses

Do you have a skill that you could teach to people who may want to learn it? Whatever the skill is that you have, if you also have good writing skills, you could make a significant profit from creating and selling your own eBooks or online courses! If you are a writer of fiction, eBooks are a great way of getting your work published too.



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