7 Steps to Starting Your CBD Business in 2020

1. Learn and Understand the Laws and Regulations of the Business Model

  • Learn how CBD is extracted from the plant and how different products are processed.
  • Understand the local laws regarding marijuana. If medical marijuana is illegal where you live, ensure you invest in products derived from Hemp to avoid legal problems
  • Get a business license for the business to avoid legal problems. Get TIN and EIN for the company you register.
  • Ensure that everything about the products you include in your catalog is transparent.

2. Get Your Finances in Order

3. Come up with a Sound Business Plan

  • The variety of Nuleaf Naturals CBD products your potential customers are looking for
  • Your specific niche or market segment i.e. beauty products, health, pet care, and health care.
  • The specific demands your customers have for CBD products
  • The sources of money to finance your business, and where to source emergency funds for the business.

4. Work On the Branding

  • Coming up with a business name and names of specific products in your line
  • Creating logos, business colors and other brand names and images
  • Creation, branding, design of packaging materials, bottles, vials, and posters for your business.
  • Creating suitable digital channels to launch the brand, and coming up with an advertisement campaign and budget.
  • Creation of brand promotion events both digital and in-person
  • Setting of reasonable sales targets and following up to make sure they are met.

5. Get the Right Suppliers

6. Set Up the CBD Oil Shops

7. Launch Your Business

  • Look for influencers within the industry to help you spread the message about your products.
  • Ask customers to leave genuine reviews on your products on your blog and social media pages




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